The new one from Slovenian playmakers factory – Miha Zarabec

Slovenia, once again, showed to the whole handball world the quality of the playmakers’ factory. Zorman, Bezjak, Bombac, brothers Skube, got another friend in their company, a 23 years old playmaker of RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko, Miha Zarabec. Only 177 cm tall guy, showed fantastic performance at his debut at EHF Champions League against RK Vardar last weekend. He scored 10 goals, which on the end wasn’t enough to bring his team a point or two, but EHF TV nominated him in the BEST 7 of the Round 1:– We showed that we know to play handball. We are small team, but with a big heart. We fought until the last second. I am sorry, we had lack of experience to take the points. However, we can go further with heads up – said Zarabec to ← Previous Story Zlatko Saracevic after the sensation: We must not fall asleep on the laurels of our victory Next Story → ZAGREB IN SKOPJE: Last dance in old Vardar’s fortress “Kale” miha zarabec read more

Dusko Celica sign to PPD Zagreb

PPD Zagreb try to solve problem with left back position with signing Bosnian NT member Duško Čelica. A 28 years old shooter came from French team Cesson Rennes in replacement for injured Domagoj Pavlović, who suffered arm injury and will be out until February 2015. Croatian champions have also young gun Stipe Mandalinic on that position, but he is recovering from knee injury which put him out from the court since April 2014.Čelica played in Slovenian teams Cimos Koper and RK Maribor, Bosnian RK Bosna Sarajevo, Qatari El Jaish… ← Previous Story 116 TEAMS STILL IN EUROCUPS: Who will take first German scalp? Next Story → EHF Cup draw on Thursday: HSV and Melsungen in Pot 1 Duško Čelicappd zagreb read more

Montpellier to face RK Vardar PSG Handball against HBC Nantes

EHF CLEHF FINAL4 ← Previous Story Steaua, CSM, Dinamo and Turda for Romanian title Next Story → EHF Cup Final4: Magdeburg to meet Saint Raphael Draw for the Men’s EHF Champions League Final4 was held in Cologne earlier today.  The two finalists from the last season, RK Vardar and PSG Handball won’t meet at semi-final. The reigning champions from Macedonia will face Montpellier Handball, the EHF CL winners from 2003.PSG Handball will play against HBC Nantes at second semi-finals.Final4 event will be held at Lanxess Arena in Cologne on May 26/27. read more

Valcea beat CSM Bucharest for Romanian Super Cup trophy

CSM BucharestHC Dinamo BucharestSCM Ramnicu Valcea ← Previous Story China to host the first Women’s Super Globe in 2019 Next Story → Dario Quenstedt to replace Andreas Wollf in THW Kiel The “dream-team” of CSM Bucharest lost the first trophy in the season 2018/2019! SCM Ramnicu Valcea, the former powerhouse of European handball, made tremendeous success in Bucharest, where they beat CSM after extra-time 33:31  (21:21 – 26:26). Cristina Neagu (12) and Andrea Lekic (7) couldn’t bring win to their team. On the other side, Glibko netted 10 goals.Neagu 12, Lekic 7, Radicevic 6, Lazovic 3, Mehmedovic 1, Curea 1, Manea 1 / Glibko 10, Vasileuskaya 4, Fraga 5, Petrovic 4, Băcăoanu 3, Lopez 3, Da Silva 2, Florica 2In the men’s final, Dinamo Bucharest beat Dobrogea Sud Constanta 31:26. read more

Should we direct our distaste at airhead figures like Roz Flanagan –

first_imgSO, LOOK: I agonised over whether there was anything worth mentioning about Barry Egan’s profile of Roz Flanagan (someone who was on a TV3 reality show, in case you’re not up to date on such happs) in yesterday’s Sindo. After all, setting tongues wagging was clearly the desired effect. Even so, it’s doubtful that Egan or Flanagan had the foresight to know exactly what they were doing; it’s worth taking a look in that context.Egan’s article was a thing of hideous beauty: a profile that read like satire written with luckless sincerity. Egan frothed deliriously over Flanagan’s ability to spend money with a vulgarity that would age a Premiership footballer. References to a “golden age of spending”, the “virtue of not hiding her… luxurious lifestyle” and his subject’s possessing a “sparkle like that of her favourite drinks” ramped the nausea to eleven. Are you ready for everyone’s favourite line? “People can’t pay their gas bills in Ireland and Roz is talking about spraying €500 bottles of champagne at pool parties in Marbella. There’s really no one like her. She is one in a million,” her VBF Virginia Macari said.And if you managed to wade through to the end of this sycophantic brainfart, you were rewarded with an anxious reminder not to “stew in spite” that Roz has “more money than us and knows how to spend it”. You couldn’t make it up, but in a world which provides a fecund ecosystem to cultivate the likes of Barry Egan and his desperate model monsters, you don’t have to.Naturally, the masses reacted with vitriol bounteous and true.The preemptive publicity strikeIn today’s celebrity… uh, “culture”, there’s a trend towards prophesising negative public reactions to paraded selfishness, and attempting to ward it off with a preemptive strike. The Sindo’s rather late to the party on this one; Samantha Brick knows it’s so last year. You gobble up attention with a vulgar stunt, but – you dastardly thing! – you ensure to obstruct the inevitable criticism by dismissing it as mere ‘blue-collar resentment’. Haters gonna hate! (Haters, of course, is a term used to dismiss anyone who doesn’t subscribe to one’s entitlement.)Who cares if the Irish twittersphere has a collective conniption about Virginia Macari’s quite incredible endorsement? If the average Josephine doesn’t like privileged types applauding each other’s sociopathic booze-fuelled antics, it’s because she’s SPITEFUL.It might come as a shock to Ireland’s C-list, but people in general have little problem with the moneyed; Hello magazine wouldn’t sell at all if everyone was wound up over Kate Middleton’s audacious shoe collection. Sky wouldn’t use David Beckham’s snazzy, espresso-sipping lifestyle as a way to sell its products if the rest of us didn’t find him a teeny-tiny bit inspirational. The affluent have a right to spend their money – in fact, it’s kind of helpful when they do, for what did Scrooge McDuck ever do for society?What people react negatively to is ill-mannered fools who think having a few bob is an acceptable substitute for empathy, class and personality. It’s pitiful that Mr. Egan, and Mss. Macari and Flanagan don’t know that, which is why they’ll continue pointlessly spraying champagne around their crumbling towers like jacked-up tomcats, cocooned by their certainty that detractors are only jealous wretches, confused that the class they aspire to belong to wouldn’t accept them in a hundred generations.The kind of public stooge the angry horde requiresThe interesting thing here is how prevalent is this particular brand of “celebrity asshole”. They usually come from reality TV – gaudy clowns who don’t mind sacrificing goodwill and peace for exposure, however negative that may be. Think the case of Jersey and Geordie Shore. Think the fame-hungry husks at the Kardashian household. Think the aforementioned “professional wicked witch” Samantha Brick. These people make money because they’re so deliciously hateable. Think, even, the lovely and loaded Gwyneth Paltrow, whose gaily unfeasible lifestyle advice has been the fingers down the throat of a transatlantic mob.Even though it’s unlikely that Egan was so cynical as to knowingly tap into that trend, that’s what’s happened. Flanagan – Roz O’Carroll Kelly, if you will – has been painted as a woman deserving of the masses’ contempt, packaged as a guileless Marie Antoinette, sold as a national laxative.Funny, really – in loudly rejecting the economic recession, Flanagan’s missed that she’s precisely the kind of public stooge the angry horde requires. And what a healthy place to direct the mob’s ire: an airhead figurehead, instead of the system that created her and penalised the rest of us. No? Perhaps I’m over-thinking it.On Seamus Heaney’s death, a friend on Facebook posted a tribute which contained the anxious conclusion, “I hope we haven’t lost the last of the saints and scholars.” Given the vacuous non-entities we’re encouraged to waste our energy on these days, I’d say the worst has already happened.Read more of Lisa McInerney’s columns here >Have a story to share? Email opinions@thejournal.ielast_img read more

Abu Hamza appears in US court with prosthetics removed

first_imgAN EXTREMIST EGYPTIAN-born preacher entered a U.S. courtroom yesterday for the first time to face multiple terrorism charges, complaining that his prosthetic hooks, medication and special shoes were taken away from him.The preacher was one of five terror defendants rounded up in Britain and extradited overnight to the U.S.Abu Hamza al-Masri was surrounded by several marshals in a Manhattan courtroom as he faced charges that he conspired with Seattle men to set up a terrorist training camp in Oregon and helped abduct 16 hostages, two of them American tourists, in Yemen in 1998.The 54-year-old, white-haired Al-Masri exposed both of his arms through his short-sleeved prison shirt. His court-appointed lawyer, Sabrina Shroff, asked that al-Masri, indicted under the name Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, have his prosthetics immediately returned “so he can use his arms.”In the 1990s, al-Masri turned London’s Finsbury Park Mosque into a training ground for extremist Islamists, attracting men including 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui and “shoe bomber” Richard Reid.Al-Masri — jailed since 2004 in Britain on separate charges — was flown overnight to New York from London along with four others accused of U.S. embassy bombings in Africa and with helping terror operations in Afghanistan and Chechnya. The men, who could all face life in prison, have been battling extradition for between eight to 14 years.U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara called the extraditions “a watershed moment in our nation’s efforts to eradicate terrorism.” As is charged, these are men who were at the nerve centers of al-Qaida’s acts of terror, and they caused blood to be shed, lives to be lost, and families to be shattered.In New York’s federal court, Khaled al-Fawwaz and Adel Abdul Bary entered not guilty pleas to charges that they participated in the bombings of embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998. The attacks killed 224 people, including 12 Americans. They were indicted in a case that also charged Osama bin Laden.In New Haven, Connecticut, Syed Talha Ahsan, 33, and Babar Ahmad, 38, entered not guilty pleas to charges that they provided terrorists in Afghanistan and Chechnya with cash, recruits and equipment.Al-Masri, a one-time nightclub bouncer, entered no plea, saying only “I do” when he was asked by U.S. Magistrate Judge Frank Maas whether he swears that his financial affidavit used to determine if he qualifies for a court-appointed lawyer was correct.Shroff told Maas that al-Masri needed use of his arms. “Otherwise, he will not be able to function in a civilized manner.”She also asked for a dictating machine, saying he can’t take notes, the return of his diabetes medication and special shoes that prevent him from slipping. She said he will need a special diet and a full medical evaluation in prison.Al-Masri peered through glasses as he consulted with Shroff and another court-appointed lawyer, Jerrod Thompson-Hicks, in a proceeding that lasted less than 15 minutes.Al-Masri has one eye and claims to have lost his hands fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. His lawyers in England said he suffers from depression, chronic sleep deprivation, diabetes and other ailments.“I don’t think he slept at all” on the overnight flight and hadn’t eaten since arriving in New York at 2.40 am, Shroff said outside court. Still, she added, “He seemed very much like a gentleman”.Shroff and Thompson-Hicks also represented al-Fawwaz, 50, a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Thompson-Hicks said he was concerned whether his client would be properly treated for hypertension and high blood pressure. Attorney Andrew Patel, representing Bary, 52, an Egyptian citizen, said his client needed asthma medicine and treatment for other medical issues.Patel, who declined to comment afterward, told Maas that Bary reserved the right to request bail in the future.Four others who were tried in 2001 in the August 1998 bombings in Kenya and Tanzania are serving life sentences.Ahsan, 33, and Ahmad, 38, were kept detained while they await trial in Connecticut, where an Internet service provider was allegedly used to host a website. Their lawyers declined to comment.Ahmad made efforts to secure GPS devices, Kevlar helmets, night vision goggles, ballistic vests and camouflage uniforms, prosecutors said.Al-Masri is not the first Egyptian-born preacher to be brought to Manhattan for trial. A blind sheik, Omar Abdel-Rahman, is serving a life sentence after he was convicted in 1995 in a plot to assassinate then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and in another to blow up New York landmarks, including the United Nations and two tunnels and a bridge linking New Jersey to Manhattan. Abdel-Rahman has numerous health issues, including heart trouble.The overnight trip to the United States came after a multiyear extradition fight that ended Friday, when Britain’s High Court ruled that the men had no more grounds for appeal and could be sent to the U.S. immediately.“I’m absolutely delighted that Abu Hamza is now out of this country,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said. “Like the rest of the public, I’m sick to the back teeth of people who come here, threaten our country, who stay at vast expense to the taxpayer and we can’t get rid of them.”“I’m delighted on this occasion we’ve managed to send this person off to a country where he will face justice,” he added.Al-Masri has been in a British jail since 2004 on charges of inciting racial hatred and encouraging followers to kill non-Muslims.While al-Masri has been portrayed in the British media as one of the most dangerous men in the country, the case against Ahmad in Connecticut has raised concerns among legal experts and human rights advocates.Some lawyers and lawmakers have expressed concerns because Britain agreed to extradite the London computer expert even though his alleged crimes were committed in Britain; British courts declined to prosecute him for lack of evidence. Ahmad and Ahsan are accused of running websites to support Afghanistan’s ousted Taliban regime, Chechen rebels and associated terrorist groups.BBC apologises after revealing Queen’s opinion on  extremist>last_img read more

12 distinctly Irish Christmas decoration methods

first_img Source: Upupa4meHang a string between any two nails you can find and pop all your Christmas cards on it.This will ensure that your neighbours know exactly how popular you are.Bring the outside, inside Source: nannetteturnerTake clippings from literally any hedge or bush in the back garden and place them liberally around the house.No one will notice that it’s not holly, it’s the greenery that matters.Hang some mistletoe from a doorway Source: rachelandrewThis will create a great opportunity for you to have a ‘bit of craic’ with any young visitors you have over the festive season.Teenagers love jokes about kissing.Make your kitchen table a Christmas table for the duration Source: purplespaceA length of wipable cloth from your local habadasher with some festive holly or Christmas trees on it should suffice!Place a crib on the mantelpiece Source: besidesThis should be the real focus of your household at Christmas.Worry not if figurines are missing or dismembered.  It’s natural that love and wear and tear should lead to certain figurines’ demise.Hang paper chains from the ceiling of all living spaces Source: Travis Nicholson!They’re a joy to make and add a certain je ne sais quoi to any and every room.Worry not if they fall down intermittently over the course of the season, hanging them back up is half the fun!Remember, home made decorations are the best decorations Source: alalsacienneCarefully hold on to any decorations made by the children and ignore their pleas for you to get rid of them.This is how they know you love them. Happy Christmas one and all!11 distinctly Irish cooking methods from your youth>WATCH: The Irish Christmas song dedicated to emigrants> AS THE TOY Show airs tonight, you may find yourself looking around your abode, and finding that it’s time to decorate the place for Christmas.We know that decorating does not always come easy, and so we are here to help with some tips for how you can decorate, the traditional Irish way.Erect a tree in your sitting room Source: CocteauBoy(Preferably near a window for the neighbours to see)Worry not if the tree is a little unsteady.  Simply find a bit of cord and tie the centre of the tree to the nearest radiator for stability.Use tinsel liberally Source: LadyDragonflyCC – );The condition of said tinsel is not relevant as long as it still has a bit of shine.Drape it around the tree, on picture frames, around the bannisters or even around the neck of the residents of the house.Avoid a theme Source: ImgurThe tree should be adorned with any and all Christmas ornaments you can lay your hands on.They should represent the full range of colour, shape and size, and ensure that there is very little actual tree on display.Be careful not to over-coordinate, otherwise rumours may start that your household has ‘notions’.Strings of lights add atmosphere to a decorated room Source: radioeditSling them around the aforementioned tree with abandon.Once the tree is fully decorated, test them to see if they work.  This adds a certain element of surprise the the whole process.Find any and all red and green material in the house and spread it throughout Source: *Sally M*Have a scrap of red felt leftover from a Halloween costume?  Simply drape it over a chair for added festive feeling.Play your cards rightlast_img read more

6 things you really want to know but hate finding out

first_img Source: Reactiongifs6. What’s in the Tupperware“I’d better clean out the fridge. Hmm, can’t remember what I put in this carton.” Source: jtbrennanAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. Source: ImgurAnd then the process of trying to put it in the bin while simultaneously running away from it. Source: OhmagifThanks Roisin Burke8 everyday problems that should have been solved by 2014>Naked man gets stuck in washing machine, has to be freed with olive oil> 1. Your bank balance Source: Photocall IrelandYou’ve had a big weekend. (Or even a couple.) But there’s still an unimaginably long time until pay day, like two and a half weeks or something.You know, with every rational atom in your body, that it is important to find out how much money you have left. But OH GOD THE TERROR. Source: Reactiongifs2. Why your girlfriend/boyfriend is angry Source: ShutterstockObviously you need to discover this information. But you know, for a solid-as-rock fact, that it will not be good news.Will it be the ‘waiting game’ approach, or the ‘confrontation’ approach? Each has its drawbacks. YOU MUST CHOOSE. Source: Reactiongifs3. What the voicemail is Source: skampyOK, it COULD be the Lotto calling you to say that you’re now a millionaire because of a ticket someone bought in your name.But more likely, it’s someone with terrible news. Almost certainly the taxman. Or your BANK… please God, not the bank. Source: Imgur4. How you were conceived Source: ShutterstockSo this is interesting, obviously. But it *will* bring with it thoughts of the most distressing order. Source: Reactiongifs5. What you did last night Source: ImgurUGGGHHH MY HEAD. It was fine last night, right? You were fine. You were probably fine.last_img read more

Grim search begins for victims of nursing home fire

first_imgAUTHORITIES BATTLED HARSH winter conditions today as they began a grim search for victims and the cause of a fire at a Quebec seniors home that killed at least five.Some three dozen people remain unaccounted for after the blaze a day earlier decimated the three-storey building.All hotspots were extinguished overnight and teams of policemen, firefighters, officials from the coroner’s office and others started at dawn combing through the structure, Quebec provincial police spokesman Guy Lapointe told a press conference.They have brought in an excavator and a steam apparatus to melt a sheet of ice up to a foot thick that blankets the debris.Huge amounts of water had been used to douse the blaze – enough that townsfolk have been asked to now conserve – and it quickly froze as temperatures plunged to -30 degrees Celsius.“We have to melt the ice and then we can get the bodies out. It’s very delicate,” Quebec coroner spokeswoman Genevieve Guilbault told public broadcaster CBC.It takes a little longer to get them out… (but) we’re comfortable that we’ll be able to get them all out.She that identification of corpses recovered yesterday had begun, using dental records and DNA.Police have so far confirmed five fatalities from the blaze at the seniors’ home in the small Quebec town of L’Isle-Verte, while three dozen people remained unaccounted for.The blaze at the 52-unit residence, which housed around 50 to 60 elderly people, broke out just after midnight Thursday.Within about an hour, the wood-frame building in the small town 450 kilometers (280 miles) northeast of Montreal, was completely engulfed in flames, according to witnesses.The blaze was fanned by frigid winds of up to 70 kilometers per hour, as the eastern section of North America endures a brutal cold snap after being blanketed by snow.Only the fireproof elevator shaft was left standing by morning, with a mound of rubble all around.An adjacent pharmacy and a community center were also destroyed.TrappedAuthorities managed to evacuate 23 people from one third of the building.They are now trying to determine the fate of others who may have been trapped inside. They are also “searching for the cause of the blaze, where it originated, and how the fire spread,” said Lapointe.But the task is arduous, with extreme cold threatening to freeze equipment and forcing workers to rotate out to warm up at least every hour.Lapointe declined to comment on the possible causes of the fire at this early stage of the investigation.Officials said the building met safety codes, but that has sparked a debate about strengthening regulations.Initial indications suggest that the oldest part of the building, constructed in 1997, was not equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system.That section was reserved for independent-living seniors. But Quebec Public Safety Minister Stephane Bergeron explained that some may have been self-sufficient when they moved in and later didn’t wish to move when they started needing assistance.Nearly two-thirds of the residents are more than 85 years old and many are in wheelchairs, use walkers, suffer from serious diseases including Alzheimers and are reliant on caregivers.“If there was negligence, if there was a failure, or standards were not met, we’ll take action,” Quebec government minister Agnes Maltais said.According to local reports, a bit more than one in two seniors residences in Quebec are not equipped with automatic fire sprinkler systems.All pics: The Canadian Press/Jacques Boissinot/AP- © AFP, 2014Read: Thirty people still missing hours after fire at home for the elderly>last_img read more

Armagh man extradited from Australia in double murder investigation

first_imgA 30-year-old Armagh man wanted in relation to a double murder has been extradited to Northern Ireland from Australia.The man, who is set to appear in court in Newry today, will face three charges – two of murder and one of arson with intent.The charges relate to the murder of Thomas O’Hare and Lisa McClatchey following an incident at their home at Tassagh, Co Armagh, on 6 November, 2006.Read: Police seize quad bikes, firearms and stolen vehicles in Northern Ireland >last_img

Two arrests as part of garda crackdown on ATM fraud

first_imgTWO MEN HAVE been arrested as part of an ongoing operation aimed at cracking down on incidents of ATM fraud.In a statement this morning gardaí said that two men had been arrested as part of Operation Glint, the investigation into incidents of fraud involving the “insertion of a device into ATM machines”.There have already been a number of arrests previously as part of the operation targeting so-called skimming devices. These are devices which scan the details of a person’s ATM card when it is placed into a machine.The two men were detained at Sallins Road in Naas at around 6.45pm yesterday evening following a surveillance operation.The two men, both in their 30s, were taken to Naas Garda station where they are currently being detained.A number of items of evidence have also been seized along with a vehicle, gardaí say.last_img read more

Verizon iPhone 4 handson Personal Hotspot antenna shots and more

first_imgWe just got a quick hands-on session with the Verizon iPhone 4. And, you guessed it, it’s just like a normal (GSM) iPhone 4. There are some subtle differences though, which we’ve displayed in the pictures and video. We’ll cover this more later on, but right from the start we can see there is a personal hotspot feature and a slight change to the antenna design (four breaks in the metal band, instead of three). As we were told in the press conference the antenna was optimized for CDMA, but it wasn’t significantly changed or fixed.You can see the Personal Hotspot controls in the video. They are accessed through the Settings menu, as opposed to a dedicated app. Within the settings users can toggle the hotspot on/off, enter a WiFi password, and then figure out how to connect via WiFi or Bluetooth.AdChoices广告IMG_0538IMG_0538IMG_0537IMG_0536IMG_0535IMG_0534IMG_0533IMG_0532IMG_0531IMG_0530IMG_0529IMG_0528last_img read more

HP starts accepting TouchPad apps announces inapp purchases

first_imgBack in March HP opened its webOS 3.0 Developer Beta program in order to allow developers early access to the company’s tablet platform. In particular, HP wanted apps ready to accompany the launch of the TouchPad due out this Summer.Jump forward to today, and HP has announced it will now start accepting webOS apps for review and inclusion on the TouchPad app store. Developers can mark their apps as TouchPad compatible from within their account and then hope they get accepted as part of the HP webOS App Catalog.AdChoices广告Although developers may be eager to tick the box and get on the tablet, they may need to do some more work first. That’s because HP has also announced in-app purchases for webOS 3.0. That means developers can offer premium content access through a purchase made within an app rather than relying on a visit to the app store.HP is allowing a couple of weeks before they start reviewing apps with in-app purchase options available, which should allow ample time for developers to test the new feature.So far it looks as though HP is treating developers well and will have a good number of webOS 3.0 apps to offer for the launch of the TouchPad. But it’s not relying just on those new apps. HP is also going to support older webOS apps that used the Mojo SDK by allowing them to run in “Mojo compatibility mode” on the device.Mojo apps will run at their original resolution in a window alongside an on-screen keyboard and gesture area. The same is true of PDK apps which also have their own compatibility mode minus the keyboard and gestures.The HP TouchPad was spotted at Computex this week being used by SanDisk for demonstrations. The fact the tablet looks complete makes us hopeful it’s going to get an early, rather than late Summer launch.More at the HP webOS Developer Bloglast_img read more

Energy storage membrane set to revolutionize rechargeable batteries

first_imgIf you want a rechargeable battery in a power-hungry device today, the only real choice is a lithium-ion battery. They are heavy, quite large depending on how much charge you need, and volatile. They also have a high cost and limited life span.A replacement for lithium-ion has long been sought after, and recently there have been some breakthroughs such as the jelly-like polymer battery. However, researchers at the National University of Singapore may have come up with the best solution yet in the form of an new energy storage membrane.Thought to be the first energy membrane ever created successfully, the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Initiative at the university has managed to attach the membrane to a polystyrene polymer. When placed between two graphite plates it can be charged and stores a charge.Already, the membrane is at an advantage as it is thin and flexible meaning there’s potential for a number of configurations. But where the real benefit comes in is how much energy it can store and at what cost.A typical lithium-ion battery can store a charge of 1 microfarad per square centimeter. The energy membrane ups that to 0.2 farads. The membrane can also be easily mass produced at very low cost, meaning what we have here is a membrane that can store more energy and is cheaper to produce than existing battery technology.In real world terms the difference is quite staggering. A lithium-ion battery costs $7 to store one farad of charge. The energy membrane reduces that down to 62 cents. Another way to look at it is the membrane stores 20Wh (watt-hour) per dollar spent where as the lithium-ion battery is limited to 2.5Wh.The research team working on the membrane is led by Dr. Xie Xian Ning. He is keen to point out the benefits of the additional energy storage, low cost fabrication, and environmentally-friendly nature of the materials used. Because it takes the form of a very thin, flexible material, it could easily be integrated into solar panels, hybrid vehicles, or as an energy storage layer spanning a mobile device’s entire surface area, rather than the more typical block-like batteries we use today.A U.S. Patent has already be filed for the membrane and the university is now seeking investment to commercialize it as a battery. If the membrane performs as expected, I doubt there will be much trouble securing funding.Read more at the National University of Singapore and R&DMaglast_img read more

GoDaddy suffers major outage

first_imgPotentially thousands of websites have been knocked offline after an alleged attack from Anonymous on web hosting provider While the Anonymous connection has yet to be officially verified, there is no doubt that GoDaddy‘s servers are not responding, and message boards are lighting up with complaints from its customers.It does appear to be a blatant, targeted attack with the servers most likely taken down by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. In addition to kicking numerous website offline, those who use GoDaddy-hosted webmail services are also unable to connect to their email accounts. GoDaddy posted on its official Twitter account that it is aware of the problems and is “working on it.”With over $1 billion in annual revenue, GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting services on the Internet. The company caters to individuals and small businesses with very little web development experience, so this attack has no doubt affected many people who are the least equipped to deal with it.The connection with Anonymous first came about when @AnonOpsLegion posted a message with the hashtag #TangoDown and included the URL. The message also flagged @AnonymousOwn3r as the responsible party.Anonymous vocalized very strong opposition to GoDaddy in December of last year because of the hosting service’s initially strong support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). In an open letter, Anonymous told GoDaddy that its support made it an enemy of the Internet, and an enemy of Anonymous. It closed the letter by saying, “GoDaddy, Expect us.”via TechCrunchlast_img read more

NASA awards 100000 to the study of 3D printing biomaterials

first_imgNASA has opted to contribute $100,000 to research into on-demand 3D printing of biomaterials. The project is being undertaken at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. This is just one of 12 projects recently funded by NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program, but this one might have the potential to fundamentally change the calculations involved in manned space missions.Biomaterial is a blanket term for any substance made from, or derived from biological materials. Wood, silk, and natural rubber are all biomaterials, but it is often difficult or impossible to produce such materials in space due to environmental limitations. The goal of this research is to build biomaterials from a 3-dimensional matrix of cells to create whatever is needed.The process is expected to make use of a solution of cells designed to secrete the necessary materials. They would be deposited in a 3D array and allowed to do their thing. Researchers believe the process could be used to make new biomaterials, duplicate existing natural substances, and make combinations of organic and inorganic materials. Even complete human organs and other body parts are not out of the question.NASA would like to see this technology one day lead to a process that can fabricate anything a long-term space missions would need — be that a new door handle or a patch of human skin. This initial phase I trial will last nine months. If the results are good, the project can apply for phase II funding of up to $500,000 to do two more years of work.last_img read more

Poll Have you watched an Irishproduced film in the last year

first_img Share9 Tweet Email  YesNo I’m not sureVote Short URL John Connors in Cardboard Gangsters IRISH FILM AND television was celebrated at the Ifta awards last night.There have been a number of recent notable films that were made by Irish people or starred Irish actors.Saoirse Ronan, who took home the award for Actress in a Leading Role at the Iftas, is in the running for an Oscar next month for her role in Lady Bird (which was made in the US).Meanwhile, John Connors took home the top actor gong at the Iftas for Cardboard Gangsters – the biggest Irish-made box-office success of 2017.However, speaking to, actor Gabriel Byrne said people making films cheaply here doesn’t actually constitute an industry, and more investment is needed.We want to know: Have you watched an Irish-produced film in the last year? Image: WildCard Distribution/YouTube 89 Comments 21,980 Views John Connors in Cardboard Gangsters Image: WildCard Distribution/YouTube Feb 16th 2018, 9:34 AM Poll: Have you watched an Irish-produced film in the last year? Gabriel Byrne has said people making films cheaply here doesn’t actually constitute an industry. Poll Results: By Órla Ryan Friday 16 Feb 2018, 9:34 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article  I’m not sure (1024) No (2013)  Yes (5882)last_img read more

Francois Fillon takes strong lead in French presidential primary

first_img Sunday 27 Nov 2016, 7:58 PM By AFP Nov 27th 2016, 7:58 PM 21,509 Views 72 Comments Francois Fillon takes strong lead in French presidential primary Former prime minister Fillon is favourite to emerge victorious in the race to challenge the far-right’s Marine Le Pen in next year’s presidential election. Share28 Tweet Email Short URL Source: Francois MoriUpdated 20.00FRANCOIS FILLON HAS taken a strong lead in the run-off of France’s right-wing presidential primary early results show.Fillon, a conservative former prime minister, had 68.7% of the vote to 31.3% for his centrist rival Alain Juppe, results from 3,565 out of 10,229 polling stations suggest.Right-wing voters flocked to the polls for a second week running to pick the candidate expected to face far-right leader Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election next May.Between 4.2 and 4.6 million people cast ballots in today’s run-off, according to an Elabe estimate for BFM television.Some 4.3 million took part in the first round on 20 September which Fillon won by 44.1% to Juppe’s 28.5%.The US-style primary contest, the first for the party, is a battle between socially conservative and economic “radical” Fillon and the more moderate Juppe, also a former prime minister who is nine years older at 71.The French presidential vote is seen as a key test for mainstream political parties after the success of Donald Trump in the United States and the Brexit campaign in Britain, both of which harnessed anti-elite, anti-establishment anger.Polls opened at 7am Irish time, with all French voters who pay €2 and state they share the values of the centre-right allowed to cast a ballot.Whoever wins will face fierce competition from far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who is waiting in the wings ready to attack the victor as a symbol of France’s ruling class.Fillon, a career politician and prime minister from 2007 until 2012, has warned that France is “on the verge of revolt” and believes his plan to slash 500,000 public sector jobs and business regulations is the tonic the demoralised country needs. Alain Juppe Source: Bob Edme“I’ll do everything for entrepreneurs!” he declared at his final rally on Friday night in Paris, promising to help businesses create the jobs needed to lower France’s stubbornly high unemployment rate of around 10%.The devout Catholic and motor racing fan has also won support with his hard line on Muslim immigrants, as well as an emphasis on protecting France’s identity, language and family values.He has demanded that “the Islamic religion accept what all the others have accepted in the past… that radicalism and provocation have no place here”.Happy France?Juppe, meanwhile, has made a pitch for the centre-ground, accusing his opponent of wanting to reform France with “brutality” with an unrealistic programme that has drawn support from the far-right.As well as promising to shrink the French state, Juppe’s signature announcement was a promise to seek a “happy identity” for multicultural France despite worries about the threat of immigration and Islamic extremism.“I am best placed with my programme to beat Marine Le Pen,” Juppe said on the last day of campaigning on Friday. Marine Le Pen is embraced by her father Jean-Marie in Lyon, November 2014 Source: AP/Press Association ImagesHe has also sought to highlight Fillon’s conservative views on abortion and gay marriage, as well as his closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin who praised Fillon last week as a “very principled person”.But it is Fillon who has all the momentum heading into today’s vote.He won the first round of the primary last Sunday with 44% and has since picked up endorsements from party heavyweights including former President Nicolas Sarkozy, who was knocked out on the same weekend in perhaps a final blow to his political career.Several surveys last week forecast Fillon to emerge as winner today with around 60%, but after a topsy-turvy year that has made fools of analysts and pollsters, no one should take his victory for granted.Unpredictable electionAs well as Le Pen, today’s winner will face competition in next year’s vote from a Socialist party candidate, probably President Francois Hollande who appears intent on trying to defy his historically-low approval ratings.After a troubled five years in power, a survey on Friday showed current Prime Minister Manuel Valls would be a far more popular candidate than Hollande.Valls did not exclude making a run at the candidacy in the socialist primary, saying “I will make my decision with a clear conscience”, in an interview published by the weekly Journal du Dimanche.Hollande’s former protégé and economy minister, 38-year-old Emmanuel Macron, is also set to stand for the presidency as a centrist independent, injecting some youth and another element of uncertainty into the race.Far-left candidate Jean-Luc Melanchon is also likely to draw votes away from mainstream parties in a trend seen in elections across Europe following years of austerity and anger over globalisation and job losses.Current polls forecast that Le Pen and the Republicans’ candidate will make it through to the final run-off round of the election in May, with the latter set to win by drawing moderate voters from the right and left to block the far-right.First published 12.50pm© – AFP, 2016Read: Donald Trump calls election recount ‘a scam’Read: Princess Beatrice apparently cut Ed Sheeran’s face with a sword when ‘knighting’ James Blunt Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Bodies of victims of plane crash which wiped out football team flown

first_img Dec 3rd 2016, 12:19 PM By AFP Image: Fernando Vergara Share Tweet Email THE BODIES OF the 71 victims killed in a plane crash in Colombia that wiped out a Brazilian football team returned home last night, as mourners prepared a massive funeral.Along the road to the airport, hundreds of people brandished flowers, white balloons and Colombian flags to pay a final farewell to the victims of Monday’s tragedy.The remains of the first victim, Paraguayan crew member Gustavo Encina, were handed over to his family early Friday in a coffin draped in his country’s flag.The other victims — 64 Brazilians, five Bolivians and a Venezuelan — were flown home on a series of flights throughout the day.“What we want now more than anything else is to go home, to take our friends and brothers home. The wait is the worst,” said Roberto Di Marche, a cousin of football team Chapecoense Real’s late director Nilson Folle Junior.In the club’s hometown, the southern Brazilian city of Chapeco, more than 100,000 people — about half the city’s population — are expected to attend a memorial service Saturday in honor of the team, whose fairytale season was tragically cut short.FIFA chief Gianni Infantino canceled a trip to Australia to attend the funeral.Officials said Brazilian President Michel Temer would likely travel to Chapeco as well.“The #Chapecoense will remain in our memory for their perseverance and tenacity. I reiterate my deepest solidarity with relatives of the victims,” ​​Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos wrote on Twitter as the last plane departed. Source: Fernando VergaraThe bodies will be carried during a funeral procession through the city, ending with a ceremony at the team’s stadium.Authorities are still investigating what caused the charter flight to smash into the mountains outside Medellin, where Chapecoense was due to play the biggest match in its history — the finals of the Copa Sudamericana, South America’s second-largest cup tournament.A harrowing recording has emerged of the panicked pilot asking the control tower for priority to land because he was out of fuel, which would make the crash tragically avoidable.Colombia’s civil aviation safety chief, Freddy Bonilla, said the plane disregarded international rules on fuel reserves.© – AFP 2016Read: At least 38 killed in two separate Chinese coal mine blasts Funeral employees arrange caskets covered in white sheets with a Chapecoense soccer team logo. Image: Fernando Vergara Bodies of victims of plane crash which wiped out football team flown back to Brazil FIFA chief Gianni Infantino canceled a trip to Australia to attend the funeral.center_img Funeral employees arrange caskets covered in white sheets with a Chapecoense soccer team logo. 10,459 Views 5 Comments Saturday 3 Dec 2016, 12:19 PM Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

The 9 at 9 Friday

first_img Friday 20 Jan 2017, 7:46 AM By Sean Murray Share1 Tweet Email Short URL 2 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article The 9 at 9: Friday Here’s everything you need to know as you start your day. 9,833 Views Jan 20th 2017, 7:46 AM EVERY MORNING, brings you the stories you need to know as you start your day.1. #ONLY SHOW IN TOWN: Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States today. Here’s everything you need to know about the inauguration.2. #MELBOURNE: Three people have been killed, and 20 more injured, after a car ploughed into pedestrians in a busy shopping district in Melbourne.3. #AVALANCHE: Rescuers have vowed not to give up their search for survivors from the Hotel Rigopiano, that was buried in snow following an earthquake in Italy on Wednesday.4. #SINN FÉIN: Martin McGuinness bowed out of politics yesterday, but who do the party have lined up to fill his shoes?5. #TRIBUTE: Ian Paisley Jr has paid a heartfelt tribute to McGuinness, saying that he had doubtless “saved lives” and “made countless lives better”.6. #SAVOY: The owners of the iconic Savoy Cinema in Dublin have said that the size of its biggest screen will not be changed, after rumours had circulated that they planned to dramatically reduce it.7. #CORK: A giant metal spike sculpture erected in the Town Park in Fermoy has been causing quite a stir.8. #GOOD NEWS: A programme for a “wonder drug” to treat a 22-month-old baby with a rare disease has been approved at Temple Street Hospital.9. #EVICTIONS: Apollo House organisers Home Sweet Home have accused Minister Simon Coveney of a “U-turn” after the government voted down the anti-evictions bill in the Dáil yesterday.last_img read more