12 distinctly Irish Christmas decoration methods

first_img Source: Upupa4meHang a string between any two nails you can find and pop all your Christmas cards on it.This will ensure that your neighbours know exactly how popular you are.Bring the outside, inside Source: nannetteturnerTake clippings from literally any hedge or bush in the back garden and place them liberally around the house.No one will notice that it’s not holly, it’s the greenery that matters.Hang some mistletoe from a doorway Source: rachelandrewThis will create a great opportunity for you to have a ‘bit of craic’ with any young visitors you have over the festive season.Teenagers love jokes about kissing.Make your kitchen table a Christmas table for the duration Source: purplespaceA length of wipable cloth from your local habadasher with some festive holly or Christmas trees on it should suffice!Place a crib on the mantelpiece Source: besidesThis should be the real focus of your household at Christmas.Worry not if figurines are missing or dismembered.  It’s natural that love and wear and tear should lead to certain figurines’ demise.Hang paper chains from the ceiling of all living spaces Source: Travis Nicholson!They’re a joy to make and add a certain je ne sais quoi to any and every room.Worry not if they fall down intermittently over the course of the season, hanging them back up is half the fun!Remember, home made decorations are the best decorations Source: alalsacienneCarefully hold on to any decorations made by the children and ignore their pleas for you to get rid of them.This is how they know you love them. Happy Christmas one and all!11 distinctly Irish cooking methods from your youth>WATCH: The Irish Christmas song dedicated to emigrants> AS THE TOY Show airs tonight, you may find yourself looking around your abode, and finding that it’s time to decorate the place for Christmas.We know that decorating does not always come easy, and so we are here to help with some tips for how you can decorate, the traditional Irish way.Erect a tree in your sitting room Source: CocteauBoy(Preferably near a window for the neighbours to see)Worry not if the tree is a little unsteady.  Simply find a bit of cord and tie the centre of the tree to the nearest radiator for stability.Use tinsel liberally Source: LadyDragonflyCC – );The condition of said tinsel is not relevant as long as it still has a bit of shine.Drape it around the tree, on picture frames, around the bannisters or even around the neck of the residents of the house.Avoid a theme Source: ImgurThe tree should be adorned with any and all Christmas ornaments you can lay your hands on.They should represent the full range of colour, shape and size, and ensure that there is very little actual tree on display.Be careful not to over-coordinate, otherwise rumours may start that your household has ‘notions’.Strings of lights add atmosphere to a decorated room Source: radioeditSling them around the aforementioned tree with abandon.Once the tree is fully decorated, test them to see if they work.  This adds a certain element of surprise the the whole process.Find any and all red and green material in the house and spread it throughout Source: *Sally M*Have a scrap of red felt leftover from a Halloween costume?  Simply drape it over a chair for added festive feeling.Play your cards rightlast_img

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