Love Shanghai ranking algorithm frequent updates you hold it

many of the site’s site is not in the home, the dream Shanghai dragon training exchange group has a lot of people say Links large area right down like today, if you want to remove Links etc.. Then the dream of Shanghai dragon net also saw some website, found that many site station is not the first home page, there is a direct disappear, some in the second. In fact, site is not the first does not necessarily explain the website is right to be reduced, the dream of Shanghai dragon training at present SITE is not in the home, but the ranking is just up and down, the following figure is.

Shanghai: Shanghai dream dragon love ranking algorithm frequent updates you hold live? Recently love Shanghai algorithm of frequent changes to the webmaster of a coming stormin feeling, dream of Shanghai dragon net Gu Fangyuan, a recent period of time are more concerned about every internal update love Shanghai, due to the internal current a hospital website of Shanghai Longfeng mentoring, so love a little more attention Shanghai algorithm, found recently love Shanghai’s ranking changes has been great, believe in a test or adjust what, said some of the more obvious changes, as a collection of dreams Shanghai dragon tutorial network reduced, Shanghai dragon training this keyword ranking from second to drop more than 20, some other industry friends all I have to say, whether it is the old station, or the new website is not good by! My analysis found that there are a lot of love Shanghai this update right down, now the dream Shanghai dragon tutorial network to discuss with everyone.

love Shanghai ranking algorithm

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should be integrated to analyze the other hand, if the rankings and included what did not change much, it can be observed for a period of time, don’t take the other side of the Links, after all, do or should we support each other, such as my Shenzhen Shanghai dragon training site, recently has been included only 1-2 pages, but and I made Links friends have kept my dreams link, Shanghai dragon tutorial network has also been grateful, also let me know can

frequent updateThe domain name

love Shanghai frequently updated results ranking algorithm

love Shanghai suddenly seems to have more opportunities for some small sites, to know the latest love Shanghai should have been more inclined to Guan Jian word weight and commercial strong ranking to the inside pages of some large portal or website, but the dream of Shanghai dragon net today at the competition of some great one a local Shanghai dragon, I found love Shanghai let a few less than 100 days of the site ranked in the top three, or a front position, a little difficult to understand, according to the normal, so the speed of the website optimization, and not what the essence of the content, some of the less professional website optimization webmaster can easily update it this update has been eliminated, stabilize before three! Of course it may be only a temporary phenomenon, the more love sea updated several times to know, after all, only love Shanghai will play Shanghai Dragon Chicken, other people are playing

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