A new website from the love of Shanghai 3 times down the right road to revival

right down

This is my

experience harvest:


4. do not keep their normal, do not worry, continue to write some good original articles continuously.

the result can’t proud!

2. don’t change their style, even if change, also want to keep the old post, new posts using the new template.

2. do link with……

is still not > master;

1. if forced to modify title and keywords, because the first document catalogue with change, keep the old document. This love of Shanghai can not only preserve the old card, and included new posts.

experience harvest:

! !

content in experience, the story is true. I am not good at writing, this paper first also need more study with you. I do is the peony website! Local characteristic and cultural character of a station. The website from April 10 up to now, and for a variety of reasons is right down 3 times (shame), current PR4…… The main about every time I was down right after how to restore.

The second

drop right

drop right

The first time The last time the

title change the website title and keywords, helpless! The reason is forced to modify title, so it also modified the keywords. The drop right surprise! Great blow. For 3 months, love Shanghai fell from 18030 to 200. Serious losses.

I guess it should be to change my template! As a novice, the contents of all the original, half a year after the construction of the website quite pick up from PR2 to PR0 within 5 months. At this moment, pride, since that website is very good, always feel inadequate beautification, from some professional CMS website asked people to do a template, can not wait to get the template after replacement and use. In Shanghai I love included the modified page, has been doomed my site has been down the right, I love Shanghai 2 days not update my home page, only included some just send articles.

3. try to find some high quality of the chain to help you restore the power! Not because of chaos and links, but can not add


: my parents find some xinwendian peony, to send some original post. Not only that, I also applied to several large portal blog, I wrote about the peony posts to his blog. In the lower right after third weeks, I returned home from the new website


, first you have to re submit your website, and I delete the 2 columns, and built 1 new columns, every day in this section original articles, and reproduced to love Shanghai for consuming half space. In 10 years in October, the new site from normal included, and upgraded to PR3

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