Discussion Shanghai Dragon technology is chicken ribs

what do we let the industry to discredit the operation, so slowly, Shanghai will become the "chicken ribs dragon technology". What should we do as we are engaged in this industry, because it is noble, it not only help the enterprise to realize the Internet marketing, it is convenient for users to browse, it also makes the search engine more humane, more accurate, more reasonable ranking. So, we are a sunshine industry, let this industry slowly become a core technology of science and technology, rather than "chicken ribs".

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said this, I want to spam for a long time, the garbage chain makes a sunshine industry is no longer pure black hat, Shanghai dragon let the sunshine industry become dark, many just know a little knowledge of the company and the Shanghai dragon person to pick up like milk, electricity, real estate "of this kind of advanced core keywords how many businesses are damaged, prohibitive so many people want to do Shanghai dragon. An industry, an industry as everyone knows can bring a maximum benefit for the enterprise, but in many large websites, even the Shanghai dragon started grassroots webmaster abandoned, what reason is this

Shanghai dragon should be regarded as the technology industry, but should now be counted as the technology of "chicken ribs".

I see a lot of friends for many years engaged in Shanghai dragon in Shanghai dragon WHY, research and application of them has been committed to the Shanghai dragon, there are some friends just above the water, even copying others article, change links, or even the original authors are too lazy to change, it will be fully integrated into the industry? That will really make progress? This will really bring Shanghai Longfeng effect on the site? This continues, all businesses will not really pay attention to the Shanghai dragon industry promotion and Optimization for Shanghai dragon should be the best, but the results are not satisfactory.

for a long time to write an article about Shanghai dragon industry articles. Has been pondering, Shanghai dragon is the technology industry including? We have frequently visited CHINAZ Shanghai Longfeng as a small column, not to mention the grass-roots origin, focus on business 36 krypton, and Moonlight blog, Lou loose blog. If we can see on the news from the Shanghai dragon Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, the Sina portal, it is like the creation of the world.

why do you say, sometimes feel like Douban Shanghai dragon as a niche technology products, rather than the popularization of science and technology. Many people know that Shanghai Longfeng optimization, including a lot of customers, including many who knows love Shanghai search engine, there will be a large number of people to understand the optimization of this thing, is to have a large number of people need to understand, and to understand the industry, but in the portal website, industry website, blog is rarely mentioned, which is rarely valued that is seldom applied to the really rational.


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