For optimization spam links to the user experience that YES NO said

4, accounting for 50%, while the remaining 50% is pseudo original form.


The original

station some emphasis on quality, the number of users such as a large number of famous good webmaster said, the Shanghai launch Love rules, are of great help to their own website, because their website has been committed to enhancing the quality of the station, high voice users, the number is more natural to share, but in some words, some attention pull the flow of dumpster squeeze headache, often using these trash out spam links, buy high weight link behavior to achieve ranking, although love Shanghai plan has been cleared of part of Scindapsus, but still not broken a new garbage station.

yesterday I wrote an article "love Shanghai issued Shanghai dragon chain standard, I collected some thoughts and information on" Shanghai dragon is about love Shanghai the launch of the chain rule, which estimates the rules about how long after the entry into force of the force, but did not expect so soon, but at present the two station in my hand have different performance. A station, I was careful to take care of the site, the B station is my additional management site, is to be the flowers flowers open, willow shade this sentence, A station today ranked B drop, ranking rose steadily below, I will summarize the work of these sites. A station and B station from the station so far, almost full 30 days, ranking in yesterday are also good.

yesterday released a day outside the chain of the new rules in Shanghai webmaster forum, as the industry leader, these rules have the authority and guidance of the absolute, or along the sea to love, or love to death in Shanghai, I Shun Chang, negative I die, many practitioners in Shanghai dragon these rules, expressed in the gun, some good in very serious, Shanghai dragon ER, Shanghai dragon bitter force, these rules do not seem to own one out, Shanghai longfeng.

5, two station link stack, is the site of the article list >

1, after the line on the website, love Shanghai included in six hours,

Shanghai Lee

love Shanghai chain rules proposed station group is the primary object is K, I do this in two when the station was very careful, no one website, although the domain keywords are similar, but different ranking key target, using different IP space, to avoid being loved in search of Shanghai bound, prevention and cure is judged garbage station.

, 3 by A5, the laggards, stand in a row and so do the forum signature keywords.


to optimize the behavior of A station:

2, due to the site construction, site title set, modify a title. But suffer from love Shanghai love Shanghai has not updated snapshot, I chose the spider man issued garbage outside the chain. Love is the Shanghai rules mentioned in the webmaster tools chain.

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