Shanghai Google webmaster love a bittersweet

third: love Shanghai included reducing, PR also decreased

this station although less, but also have their own web sites, according to all the Links, about 200 site observation, there is such a station, included increase, PR value also increased, and the author of a station also has this kind of situation, included an increase of more than ten million, the PR value is also improved. 200 the observation stations in 16 stations appeared in such a situation, so that love Shanghai and Google to do that would be wrong, personally think that the little relationship between the two.

increased by the love of Shanghai

this case I see, only 5 stations. These 5 stations are the old domain station, do not know what is the relationship between.

this is one of the most common situation, many of the site’s PR value has increased, but it did greatly declined, which are included in the hundreds of thousands to hundreds of cases, the author of the two stations collected respectively from 120 thousand, 30 thousand to several hundred, but PR increased by 1 and 2 class. According to the observation, this is a kind of situation, the most common so many owners out of the Shanghai version of the love we made a difficult decision, that Shanghai is in love to do stunts, and Google, Google rose, we will drop, but I don’t think so, think of this statement there is no reason for.

2011.6.27 in the day, Google update a wide range of comprehensive, in the webmaster friends is not awake from Google’s sudden attack, love Shanghai does not follow conventional, on this day, a wide range of changes included many webmaster has changed turn the world upside down, although the distance love Shanghai 5.20 event but the event just a month, get out of the love of Shanghai movement obviously bigger than last time, when most of the webmaster found a change in their website, have raged, has a variety of claims. According to his observation, the most cited several websites appear. The station is not much, but is not too small, so it provides a lot of cases, and then observe a lot of other stations, which results in the following several conditions:

: the first love of Shanghai included plummeted, but increased PR.

fifth: other

are PR the same, included drop, this situation is also more and more, and included the same, the PR value changes little, maybe my case is too small, can not see.

second: love Shanghai included increase, PR also increased.

fourth: PR decreased,

also has this kind of situation, I also have the existence of such a station, and observe the 200 site, there are also some stations exist in these situations, there are 32 stations is the emergence of this situation, this proportion is still relatively large. The webmaster estimated loss is the biggest, also hit.

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