An article on the A5 let me back to life

discovered the problem after the Spring Festival in 2011 February 10th began to work, can come back, but the snapshot stay in January 31st, thought must be in the new year this time the content of the website did not come and update the reason, therefore, to work on the first day of beginning website content update, and update the blog, forum. The thought that the second days snapshot should be changed, but still wholly intact. It is I think is too simple.



is not a simple problem, a Taizhou private detective before check the site, found in Taizhou in the chain I do very well, is not simply an article still throw up, but each article has one or two key chain to other articles. It seems that I ignored the problem in Shenzhen, a private detective net I also began to publish articles in this form, strengthen the internal chain. 5 days later, once again let me collapse, the snapshot is still unshakable. Once again ended in failure.

This article from the



analysis analysis

think, may be a matter of time, I tried to update the chain with the chain, think of days snapshot will change. A week later, but let me down, home snapshots or stay in January 31st. The amount included with the chain or continue to increase, the same is the home page snapshot. This time ended in failure.

recently Shenzhen private detective web page snapshot is always a stagnant phenomenon. This project is going to end but this phenomenon does make Taizhou Ace excellent (Shanghai dragon) in some press. If so let off, is unable to the customer account.

The first time

this time, I have analyzed the source of the chain of Taizhou private detective network, found that there are a lot of articles from the A5 station network, the original time I will write some articles, a to A5 has basically been included. Feel this time to find the problem, continue to strengthen the inner chain update, and No. 23 A5 me on an article on the regional private detective network to Shanghai dragon was collected, I find it really updated snapshot of the next day, the heart that excited ah. The snapshot is updated only in want of perfection by February 16th, please see below (previous forget screenshots)


analysisIt seems that , thank you!

(Shenzhen private detective 贵族宝贝huanya007贵族宝贝), welcome to reprint, reproduced please specify

obtained from this lesson, it is important to strengthen the internal chain, the source of the high quality of the chain is more important today to continue their efforts, A5, the owners of the house I came.

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