Shanghai dragon new road in Shanghai Longfeng summed up his mistake

long Station Road, there is always the wrong steps, just think of Shanghai Longfeng most likely to be considered local and personal ways in which mistakes wrong, the hope can give the Shanghai dragon new friends reference point, because it is likely that you work in the future career, your own may face, since it is the webmaster, then I believe the Shanghai dragon will slowly into every corner of it, after all, the only way to improve the overall quality will be better for the website, Shanghai dragon service, here to share their feeling which are easy to make mistakes.

finally, is my own feelings, the chain the more the better; this, should be my own feelings, now is love sea K site so much, not today this war is K, is that the site was K, my feeling is to direct the chain, a site outside the chain, should not be better, especially concentrated in the home when, when you do a lot of the chain to the home page, you will ignore the other website page, then link weight will be passed on the home page, think about it, so go down for a long time, "

first, the relationship between Links, try to ask you about Links PR, here I mention my exchange Links what happened, some people just look at the PR, people only pay attention to love Shanghai and included snapshot, etc. These PR have to say a topic, ask. Can you guarantee that PR does not change, you can ensure that the rankings do not change, Links, what can not see too really, after all, everything is changing, for example, ranking, such as love Shanghai included, and so on a series of circumstances, can say it does not change? So, Links to PR or included so can hold 100% of the state of mind, after all things change, and we love the Shanghai ranking, PR is an accessory, do not care about the parameters, as seen in the past, why But don’t change it. Some standing on the top of PR fell in love with the sea, but low, you can not change the


second, good rankings bring good profit, good rankings bring high profits, what you want to say here is, after all, make up the ranking is a very easy thing, but the ranking and traffic can not be linked, and traffic and profitability is also Never mind much, after all, there is a conversion rate before where, the conversion rate is too low, in any case are unable to produce high profits; flow is not up on a keyword up, but rely on a keyword up, and this is not a keyword, you can meet with only one page, you must be distributed to these words in the page, and scattered keywords is an art, is a Shanghai dragon er must not equal to the flow of knowledge; ranking, only fully understand the key distribution Then, the application continues, inevitably, in order to have a lot of traffic. Diversify your links, so as to achieve global, all-round, for themselves, to give a new concept of link.

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