Shanghai Longfeng website content maintenance personnel need to be considered

website content needs regular maintenance of the site, usually is not just a business station, this site is rich in content, is to optimize the site content rich website, should rely on a lot of long tail keywords to get traffic, so this kind of site optimization to achieve good results, you need to website content maintenance personnel with ability the Shanghai dragon enlarge effect to the best.

two, to reprint articles appropriately adapted

company maintains a website, generally do not have so much time all of their original, more cases are reprinted from other websites, if the content on other sites to copy and paste here, it may be some other websites and junk code hidden in the content in the text contains the other site with the paste over, this on our own site of the Shanghai dragon optimization is bad, so be sure to clear the format again before the paste other typesetting content, can be pasted into Notepad (Note: the content is not WORD or notepad WordPad), then paste from the background to the website the editor Notepad, then the reset operation section.

search engines love original things, but we don’t have so much time to the original, then we have to make some adaptations of the reproduced content, so that the search engine that you this thing is original, the search engine to determine one of the content is not original but also have a certain algorithm, with the University in the anti cheat monitoring system working principle about.

through the first step of the operation, we have to remove content format and re layout, and now he and other websites have Never mind, but this is not the end, we also need to false original, pseudo original in general there are so few methods, add, delete, modify, spell.

if the website backstage editor supports UBB editing, you can skip this step, directly pasted the content to the UBB editor, and then use the UBB tag editor to edit the layout can be integrated.

, a reprint content to clear format

search engine is a judgment whether the original article, will the characteristics and historical data for comparison, but considering efficiency, complete contrast does not, so usually only a part of the comparison, it is the beginning and the end, so we are rewriting when reproduced articles, also should the key to rewrite the article at the beginning and end part.

can increase the content in the text, or text content will use synonyms or explanatory description for the replacement, or some words or paragraphs of no great importance to delete, can also be many similar problems that the content of organic combination, and then re layout, it would be better, but in the modified the time to pay attention, to maintain the original meaning and target of reading flow >

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