Those things in Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon love auction contrast

two, billing:

four, two advantages:

Shanghai dragon is ranked according to duration of billing, customer needs ranking for longer periods of time, the price is also higher. But compared to the cost of bidding, Shanghai dragon is relatively few many.

love Shanghai bidding:


Shanghai dragon is a search engine optimization, through technical means to realize the website ranking for a long time.


, a concept and significance:

4, flexible replacement. If customers do not want to do this keyword, can replace the key.

The average charge

love Shanghai bid is belongs to the type of PPC, belonging to the category of advertising.

we all know love Shanghai now in Chinese Internet market accounted for 85% of the above search engine is actually Chinese share, occupy 85% of Internet users share, now love Shanghai is already the biggest search engine Chinese. As more and more users love love Shanghai and rely on search engines to search their love of things, attracted most of the businesses to enter the Internet search engine, in the love of Shanghai. Some businesses in order to get more users, want their website allows users to see at a glance, the strength of some businesses choose the rankings quickly enhance their website to love Shanghai auction, some relatively weak businesses choose the Shanghai dragon, to enhance the ranking. But this is not the only one, now businesses are choosing principle love Shanghai and Shanghai Longfeng combined bidding. What love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon auction what is the difference, which is perplexing the Changsha website construction small topic. Following on from the small shallow analysis distinguishes love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon auction.


can choose infinite set of keywords. Shanghai is bidding love can pick the infinite set of keywords, do you need to do any keyword (illegal except).

can clearly control the daily cost. Shanghai has its own perfect love love Shanghai bidding software, customers can through software, automatic deployment of their bids. The time to master and control their cost.

love Shanghai bidding is carried out in accordance with the pay per click way, each point of time your bid is less than the corresponding money account. Of course, there may be malicious click, according to love Shanghai official, now love Shanghai has mastered the judgment of malicious click technology.

The average IP The advantages of

Shanghai dragon is each IP is 0.95 yuan -1.95 yuan.

love Shanghai auction fee is 0.40 yuan a 60 yuan.

three, the average IP fee:

1, can immediately display. Do love Shanghai auction, your site will be immediately displayed in Shanghai love home. You can immediately see the effect.

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