For the beginner must first do WangzhuanThere are 3 kinds of people in the company leaders, prisoner

in this materialistic glamorous society, many people often only pay attention to the immediate interests, but they ignore a factor leading to the success of the most important — stick. There is a saying that does not mean that everything is difficult in the beginning? Online money is the same, a person to do a day is an easy thing, the difficult thing is to let you spend your life to do this thing. God is fair, he gave each of us a key to open the door to success, as long as you hold the key to success, the dawn will not stingy according to you.

Some beginner can adhere to

wants to become a master Wangzhuan requires learning, unremittingly, not just three minutes heat, if so, let alone do Wangzhuan, what do you do things that are impossible to do. There is no such thing as an easy success, nor a successful one day career. But there is no possibility of success, and only the courage to adhere to the opportunity to succeed later. Persistence is so difficult, can destroy a person, also can make a person. Since there is an idiom – fail on the verge of success. Therefore, we can not insist on success, not an individual phenomenon, but a universal one. However, success is universal, not individual. Therefore, persistence is the absolute principle, and for the value of our lives, stick to it.

organized the seminar for the company, I always told the participants after the foreshadowing: "all the leaders present please raise their hands. I want to see who they are."." In most cases, they feel nervous and hesitant. They look around, see who will raise their hands. There are people giggle a few words, and there is a blank look and silence…… Usually only one or two people raise their hands slowly. Then I would say: "great! Welcome to attend this seminar!" and then I will ask others: "well, since you are not a leader, tell me what is your response?" I usually silence and more vague expression. Sometimes they would say, "I’ve been able to work for a year," or "my position is low."." But that’s not the answer I want to hear.

Ma Yun once said: "today is very cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most people die in the night, can not see the day after tomorrow morning sun.". And this is the beginner must face the problem, for a beginner it must first be able to adhere to.

prisoner. These people feel trapped in their lives. They live as if they were survivors of a death march, wounded, but still walking. They want to do something else, but they are "limited by the environment" and they feel they have no other way out. Their mantra is, "I have no choice but to stay here. I have no choice."." They may also bring chains to themselves and moan while walking. Prisoners complain most, blame most, but >


we are eager to succeed, are eager to make money on the Internet, do not want their life will be spent in mediocrity, want to live their lives wonderful. Because of this, please friends to stick to it, is the bridge to success, only by adhering to let us become the Wangzhuan master, to do anything. So stick to it! I believe our future will be even better. This paper provided by the 88 Wangzhuan zwy88 please indicate the source.

by this time, I’ll tell the participants at the conference what GE CEO Jack Welch had to say. Welch said: "in every team, in every company, there are three kinds of people at each seminar: leaders, prisoners, and passengers.". The manager’s key task is to leave the leader behind and take the prisoners and the passengers out." Here, I’d like to talk about the difference between these three people, and then let people decide how they want to spend their lives.

, one thousand times in the fall after in one thousand and one stood up. A lot of people complain, they have insisted, and they have tried, but why not succeed, it just because the insistence has not accumulated enough to make you successful.


then I’ll ask them, "can someone else see you? People around you can see what you’re doing. Can you hear what you’re saying? Raise your hand if anyone else can see you."." At this point, of course, everyone would raise their hands quickly. Then I would say, "if someone sees you, you’re the leader.". Other people will see what you do, hear what you say, and they will think you know what you’re doing. They will imitate your style. Therefore, everyone is a leader, but some people do not know."

I mentioned this anecdote to illustrate the fact that in any company, all participants are leaders. Only some people are conscious leaders, others are not aware of this – they do not know their actions, words and attitudes have affected others. But the reality is that they do have an impact on others, but this effect is often not helpful and does not have a positive effect. So now, you may just ask yourself, "am I consciously headed, or am I unconsciously doing this?"

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