HP starts accepting TouchPad apps announces inapp purchases

first_imgBack in March HP opened its webOS 3.0 Developer Beta program in order to allow developers early access to the company’s tablet platform. In particular, HP wanted apps ready to accompany the launch of the TouchPad due out this Summer.Jump forward to today, and HP has announced it will now start accepting webOS apps for review and inclusion on the TouchPad app store. Developers can mark their apps as TouchPad compatible from within their account and then hope they get accepted as part of the HP webOS App Catalog.AdChoices广告Although developers may be eager to tick the box and get on the tablet, they may need to do some more work first. That’s because HP has also announced in-app purchases for webOS 3.0. That means developers can offer premium content access through a purchase made within an app rather than relying on a visit to the app store.HP is allowing a couple of weeks before they start reviewing apps with in-app purchase options available, which should allow ample time for developers to test the new feature.So far it looks as though HP is treating developers well and will have a good number of webOS 3.0 apps to offer for the launch of the TouchPad. But it’s not relying just on those new apps. HP is also going to support older webOS apps that used the Mojo SDK by allowing them to run in “Mojo compatibility mode” on the device.Mojo apps will run at their original resolution in a window alongside an on-screen keyboard and gesture area. The same is true of PDK apps which also have their own compatibility mode minus the keyboard and gestures.The HP TouchPad was spotted at Computex this week being used by SanDisk for demonstrations. The fact the tablet looks complete makes us hopeful it’s going to get an early, rather than late Summer launch.More at the HP webOS Developer Bloglast_img read more