Review of Beauty and the Beast-themed Red Rose Taverne Restaurant at Disneyland

first_imgShare This!This is a review of Red Rose Taverne, a new restaurant at Disneyland which opened to promote the 2017 film, Beauty and the Beast. It temporarily replaces the Pinocchio-themed Village Haus Restaurant. Red Rose Taverne brings some new decor, and thankfully a much improved menu. First, lets take a look at the menu:Red Rose Taverne MenuWhen I saw this menu it struck me at how packed with unique items it is. A Cauli-Flower sandwich? Poutine pizza? I never expected to see items like this at a quick service theme park restaurant. In the last couple of years Disneyland’s menus have become a bit bland and uninteresting, but Red Rose Taverne seems to have a perfect balance for those looking for items like basic hamburgers, and others looking for something slightly more adventurous.Watch our video review on the Red Rose Taverne menu.I’ll start off with what already is the most popular item by far, the Grey Stuff Gateau dessert. I was expecting this to be sickeningly sweet, but was pleasantly surprised to find it smooth, not too sweet, and overall very tasty. The cookies and cream-flavored frosting compliments the red velvet cake inside and I especially enjoyed the drop of raspberry filling. Overall a great dessert. Like I said this item is already very popular, walking around the restaurant I noticed 4 out of 5 tables had ordered it.The Lemon Rose Cake dessert isn’t as good as the Grey Stuff but I thought it was good and had a unique flavor and texture. Tom and Sarah Bricker reviewed this menu with me and they were also at a loss of how to describe it. The texture was almost like flan, but more lemon in flavor instead of caramel. As good as I thought this was, I would not spend $5.49 on it again.The Beast’s Burger is exciting for a couple of reasons. One, it comes with a side of Pommes Frites (aka garlic fries). Usually these are only available inside Disneyland at Cafe Orleans (a much more expensive full service restaurant). Two, the burger is fantastic. In fact, it’s easily the best quick service burger on property (yes, even better than the Carnitas Angus Cheeseburger at White Water Snacks). Beast’s Burger is topped with shredded beef, gruyère cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and horseradish aïoli.In my 33 years on this planet I’ve never had fries on pizza before, but now I’m a believer. It’s also topped with shredded beef, roasted garlic aïoli, cheese curds, gravy, and herb oil. It’s delicious, it has a lot of interesting flavors, and it’s under $10.The Slow-Cooked Beef Poutine was much better than I expected. I’m usually not a huge fan of poutine but this entree relied less on gravy, and more on a huge helping of shredded beef. I also really liked that they used seasoned waffle fries instead of regular fries.I was still skeptical about the Enchanted Cauli-Flower Sandwich, even after most of the Red Rose Taverne cast members said it was their favorite item on the menu. But wow was it good. Even Tom Bricker, who feeds his vegetables to his dog when Sarah isn’t looking, thought it was delicious. Speaking of Tom and Sarah Bricker, you can read their Red Rose Taverne review here.Chicken Sandwich A La Lumiere is arguably the weakest of the items on the menu, but it’s still much better than the other chicken sandwiches in the park. The fried cherry peppers give it a really nice kick. It also includes pommes frites, which is much appreciated.Overall I think Red Rose Taverne has the best quick service menu in all of Disneyland. Up there in taste and quality with French Market. Red Rose Taverne DecorThe former Village Haus Restaurant has had most of it’s decorations removed and covered in favor of Beauty and the Beast art and props. In the picture above you can see a rose has replaced the carving of Pinocchio. Overall the new decorations are good, but nothing outstanding. Which is understandable considering they probably will be removed by the end of the year.Figaro has been relieved of his exit sign pulling duties by Sultan. This is common around Red Rose Tavern, Pinocchio art has been covered up by decals like this.Gaston, antlers, you know the drill.More Beauty and the Beast art, and more antlers.  More props and things. Items like these are scattered all over Red Rose Tavern.I’ve always love the ordering area of Village Haus. I get major Epcot vibes from it.That’s Red Rose Taverne. I highly recommend you try it out because the menu is fantastic. Disney hasn’t given an end date for it yet, only saying it’s here for “a limited time.” Let me know what you think in the comments below.last_img read more

Small-scale farms grow African women’s income

first_imgKenalemang Kgoroeadira is just happy that she is able to live her dream of providing healthy food to her community.(Image: eNCA) • Kenalemang Kgoroeadira Thojane Organic Farm +27 11 882 8983 • Oyama Matomela flies South Africa’s friendly skies • Sir Stuart Ntlathi: an inspiring passion for science • I Decide – give African women and girls access to contraception • Nontsikelelo Qwelane is a born teacher • Former Miss Earth South Africa on M&G Top 200 list Sulaiman PhilipThere are some 36 000 commercial farmers in South Africa; they are in the main white and male. Yet, historically, Africa has been a continent of small-scale, subsistence farming where women crofter farmers have kept the food supply secure for their families and communities.Now, a small – barely two hectares – organic farm in the North West Province is trying to revive that tradition. Kenalemang Kgoroeadira – or Mama Kena – a PhD student at University of South Africa (Unisa), who conceptualised the project, hopes Thojane Organic Farm will grow into a working example of small-scale sustainable farming that gives local residents access to healthy food. Building communities using traditional African knowledgeKgoroeadira and five other local women planted the first crops in 2009 on a single hectare plot. As an indigenous knowledge systems PhD candidate she wanted her neighbours to rebuild their communities using traditional African knowledge. “Transformation by enlargement is the vision behind this farm … [It’s] a place where people can have self-determination and begin to live like Africans, where what you do or learn is for the benefit of the whole society.“It is knowledge that can benefit the whole nation,” Kgoroeadira told a Unisa journal.Along with organic green beans, spinach and tomatoes, the farm produces herbs – mint, yarrow, lemongrass, lavender – that are sold at local markets, to national retailers like Food Lovers Market. It also donates produce to feeding schemes at the local Phokeng schools.Produce from Thojane is grown without chemicals that strip the soil of its nutrients. Instead Kgoroeadira and her team use natural fertilisers like chicken manure. This method of farming is, Kgoroeadira believes, the most sustainable. It follows permaculture principles, which works with rather than against nature.Kgoroeadira says, “It has always been my dream to go back to my roots, plough, interact with the soil like I used to as a girl, growing food, healthy organic food, not foods that are fed with chemicals for them to grow fast, losing all the nutrients.” Fighting poverty through food securityThojane is also Mama Kena’s schoolroom. It is where she takes all she has learnt and uses it to benefit her community. She encourages the women of Phokeng to plough their large back yards and turn them into vegetable gardens that can feed their families and give them an income. “In Phokeng, people are dependent on the mines, but they forget that platinum will be depleted one day. We need to fight poverty and have our own food security,” she says.Her thesis advisor inspired her to take her “book knowledge” and build something tangible and real, something that would benefit her community and not simply become a book covered in dust on a library shelf. Thojane has become that, but for Kgoroeadira it is just the beginning. Looking out over two hectares of vegetables and herbs she sees more.“One day this farm will supply all the hospitals, mines and even international markets. We will grow organic vegetables and herbs; there will be honey, mutton, indigenous chickens and eggs. You will be able to buy essential oils, herbal teas, bath soaps and creams with a Thojane label. One day.”Her dream is no pipe one: what began as a small agricultural co-op has grown into an award-winning programme with Kgoroeadira being named Best Female Subsistence Farmer by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and Thojane has not only improved food security in Phokeng, but also increased the nutritional content of the food the poorest in the community eat. It is changing lives, one meal at a time.last_img read more

SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition… Make The Event Count!

first_imgThere is little doubt you’re already thinking about what clothes to pack for the forecasted weather in Atlanta, as you prepare to attend the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition next week.  As important as it is to know how to pack appropriately, you should also take some time to identify objectives and establish a strategy to get the most out of your time. If you haven’t attended before, all it takes is a quick perusal of the concurrent session listing on the website to realize just how big of an event this is and how easy it is to become overwhelmed.  If you’ve attended before, you know this is an event-packed few days filled to the brim with possibility.  Regardless of your experience level, it doesn’t have to be intimidating.  Simply follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to a rewarding, energizing and educational experience: Set objectives.  Why did you decide to attend in the first place?  Ask yourself this question:  “I would view my attendance at the event as a complete success, if I walked away with the following:” This exercise yields your list of your objectives.  Business Cards. Don’t forget to grab a stack and give them out!  When you get a card, jot down on the card something about that person, their interest, and/or a reason to contact them after the event.  Familiarize Yourself With the Layout of the Venue.  Because the event is extremely impressive in the overall size of the venue required to host the conference and exposition, it is worth taking the time to create a game plan to ensure you don’t complete a mini-marathon between sessions.  Try to map out your days.  If you don’t, at least wear comfortable shoes! Exhibit Hall. It’s easy to get consumed with collecting all of the swag the exhibitors give out at the event.  Be sure that you also select a small handful of exhibitors that help to satisfy one or more of your objectives. (Another tip:  Box up that swag and send it home, so you don’t have to lug it on the plane!) Participate in Sessions. Engage yourself in sessions by asking questions and responding to the presenter(s); otherwise you risk day dreaming or (worse yet) start snoozing in the afternoon shortly after you consume your tasty box lunch. Make a Move.  Pick a primary and then secondary choice for each concurrent session time slot. If, after 10 minutes of a session your first choice isn’t panning out and maintaining your interest, slip out and into the second session.  If you don’t have a second choice of interest, stop by the Exhibit Hall and spend some quality time with a vendor that you wanted to get to know better.  The crowds are considerably smaller. Socialize.  The value is in getting to know people at this event. Whether you meet those that can assist you in solving your own challenges, someone you can offer your support or expertise to help, or just a peer that you can relate to, it is essential that you meet as many people as possible.  You’ll never be in the presence of so many people at one time and in one place that have so much in common.  Ditch the Co-Workers.  I’m being sarcastic, but there is some truth to my comment. The best way to socialize (see #7 above) is to make yourself open to the possibility of meeting people.  Don’t create a barrier by getting too comfortable with others you came to the event with.  Take it Home With You.  If your company paid for your trip, be sure to bring home a compelling story about the value you gained from the experience and consider sharing that value with your department and peers. Appearance. I started this post by talking about packing your clothes.  Let me offer a word of advice on this topic.  Don’t show up in ratty t-shirts and shorts.  While you don’t have to be dressed to the nines, first impressions still matter.  Business casual is the way to go.  I’ll be in Atlanta starting Saturday and would love to meet. Feel free to connect with me at @Irene_Hahn on Twitter or reach out to me on LinkedIn.last_img read more

Updated version of the SCS to SCCM Migration Utility Available

first_img Creates a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file containing information on all Intel AMT systems configured by the Intel SCS that are to be migrated. This CSV file includes the data about these systems that is needed by SCCM and is imported to SCCM before the actual migration. Once the Intel AMT systems are unconfigured they will send out “Hello” messages to SCCM, which will then configure the systems.The SCS to SCCM migration Utility can be downloaded from the following location: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-amt-setup-and-configuration-service-scs-to-microsoft-system-center-configuration-manager-sccm-system-migration/ An updated version of the SCS to SCCM migration utility has just been released.  For those customers that were previously activated on the SMS Add-on and the Intel SCS, this utility will help ease your migration to SCCM SP1 or the upcoming SCCM SP2.  This new version has been tested and validated to support up to SCS 5.x and SCCM SP2. The SCS to SCCM migration utility is used to prepare Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) systems, that were configured using the Intel® Setup and Configuration Service (Intel® SCS) and managed by any management console, to be configured and managed by Microsoft* System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).The migration utility is an executable (SCS_2_SCCM_Migration_Utility.exe) that performs the following: –Matt Royer Removes the records of the migrated Intel AMT system from the SCS database. Performs a series of tasks (including partial unconfiguration) that bring the Intel AMT systems to a state that will enable the SCCM to configure them.last_img read more

Honda continues its climb with increase in domestic sales this September

first_imgHonda Mobilio continues to sell wellHonda Cars India today reported 45 per cent increase in domestic sales in September 2014 at 15,015 units as against 10,354 units in the same month last year.Last month, the company sold 1,152 units of small car Brio, 3,848 units of compact sedan Amaze, 5,329 units of Mobilio and 4,600 units of the mid-sized sedan City, Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL) said in a statement.Besides, the company sold 86 units of sports utility vehicle CRV.In addition, the company exported a total of 38 units during the month.Commenting on the sales, HCIL Senior Vice-President (Marketing and Sales) Jnaneswar Sen said: “We continue to perform strongly with strong demand for all our models during this festival period.”He said the company has resumed production of its flagship model Honda City during September 2014.”In coming months, we will be able to ensure better availability and timely deliveries to fulfill the huge demand,” Sen added.last_img read more

Georgian Ports Should Improve to Remain Key Transit Corridor

first_imgzoom Since 2014, Georgia has been experiencing a decline in container throughput due to economic weakness and the re-emergence of Iran. In order to maintain the country’s position as a key transit corridor for the Caucasus, Georgian ports would have to improve their services and connectivity to the hinterland.This was the message of Jacob Gulmann, Middle East and Africa Business Development Director of International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI) Europe, during his presentation at the 6th Black Sea Ports and Shipping held from May 18 to 19 in Adjara, Georgia. The annual transport event was co-hosted by Batumi International Container Terminal (BICT) and the Batumi Sea Port Ltd. (BSPL).According to Gulmann, Georgia’s role as a logistics corridor to the Caucasus and Central Asia region is facing a growing threat from the ports in Iran and West Asia.“The emergence of Iran and other West Asian ports prompted (BICT) to take action and expand for us to be able to compete and be at par with the best ports in the world,” Gulmann said.“We fully support the Georgian government’s initiatives to ensure that the country’s ports remain globally competitive,” he pointed out.Part of ICTSI, BICT has a current annual capacity of 150,000 TEUs. To expand, BICT looks to increase its annual capacity to 200,000 TEUs by adding another 100 metric-ton capacity mobile harbor crane, doubling the number of reach stackers to eight, increasing its empty handlers to four and deepening its controlling depth to 12 meters.last_img read more

TCI Hospital launches revised Fall Prevention Program

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, July 4, 2017 – Providenciales – Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital has implemented a revised program of best practices in fall prevention to help minimize the incidence and severity of falls. While not every patient fall is preventable, the health care facility has utilized a combination of steps, care processes and precision to prevent falls.Fall Prevention Expert based in Canada, Elaine Fockler RN, has updated and customized the internal program and conducted various training sessions. The sessions included education on the tools and interventions used to assess and reduce the risk of falls and injury from falls in adults and children.Professional disciplines beyond nursing staff including rehabilitation services, pharmacy, physicians and nonclinical staff have also been sensitized. A total of 75 clinical and 38 Facilities Management staff have received training.Mechanisms have been developed for departments to identify and communicate if a patient is at high risk for falls. Every Friday will be observed as “Fall Prevention Friday” at TCI Hospital to ensure every in-patient receives a fall risk assessment. This initiative will be enforced in addition to the completion of fall risk assessments upon admission, upon unit transfer if there is a significant change in the patients’ status and post fall.Green armbands will be applied to all patients who are identified to be at risk of a fall. In-patients found to be at risk will receive a green triangle placed on the door of their assigned room and above their bed. Patients in the Operating Room will have green socks applied. These green identifiers will alert hospital staff members that the patient is at risk of falling and requires special assistance.Most falls are caused by the interaction of multiple risk factors. The more risk factors a person has, the greater their chances of falling. Healthcare providers and caregivers at home can lower a person’s risk by reducing or minimizing that individual’s risk factors and environmental hazards.Persons who are more likely to fall may experience risk factors such advanced age, gait & balance problems, impairments such as poor vision or muscle weakness, postural hypotension, chronic conditions including arthritis, diabetes, stroke, Parkinson’s, incontinence and dementia. The revised program will help to reduce the social, psychological and economic impact of falls on individuals, families and the community.Press Release: interHealthCanadalast_img read more

Pellegrini ready to take the fight to City

first_imgWest Ham United manager Manuel Pellegrini insists his team must attack Manchester City if they’re to take anything from their game against the champions.Pep Guardiola’s side have won their last three games against the Hammers at the London Stadium 4-1, 4-0 and 5-0, and have already racked up five wins by five or more goals so far this campaign.However, Pellegrini, who was appointed manager of West Ham in the summer, refuses to give up on the chances of an upset and plans to fight fire with fire against his former club when he faces them for the first time on Saturday.“There are different ways to try to play,” he said, according to Sports Mole.“The first thing is you know you must not make mistakes.”norwich city, manchester city, premier leagueReport: City are stunned by Norwich George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Manchester City was stunned by Norwich City in todays Premier League clash.Much has been made in recent days of the potential impact of Aymeric…“If you make a mistake, they have players who will take advantage. But they also have had difficult games this season.”“Lyon played well against them. Wolves played a good game against them. Liverpool and Tottenham played good games against them.”“There are different ways to do it. I don’t think all those teams played in the same way.”“We are trying to continue thinking and playing as a big team. Of course, we consider who we are playing.”“But we are not going to play the game just to have a draw and not to concede too many goals. We are going to try to use the game as a good test.”last_img read more