DEBATE: Can we expect the Chinese celebration of Singles’ Day to make it over to Britain?

first_img Share DEBATE: Can we expect the Chinese celebration of Singles’ Day to make it over to Britain? Opinion whatsapp Tuesday 13 November 2018 8:28 am Abbie Llewelyn and Benedict SpenceBenedict Spence is a freelance writer. He is on Twitter @BenedictSpence Tags: Alibaba Tinder whatsappcenter_img The only reason it has failed to hit the UK market so far is because it clashes with Remembrance Day, which is supposed to be a sombre occasion, not a self-indulgent spending spree. There is quite an easy solution to this, however: just change the date of Singles’ Day for countries which recognise 11 November as a day of remembrance.Call me a cynic, but we already have people semi-jokingly acknowledging “Galentine’s Day” (celebrating female friendship) on 13 February, and we have taken on Black Friday despite not celebrating Thanksgiving.I don’t think it will take much longer for UK companies to start milking the money cow of single people who like to complain that they have no one to love on Valentine’s Day.Benedict Spence, a freelance writer, says NO.What is celebrating being single if not a demonstration that one is available to not be single?The phrase “single and ready to mingle” is an invitation to find someone new, usually following a break-up and with the intention of inciting jealousy in former partners. Less a celebration, more a cry of desperation, it is certainly not a declaration of desire for perpetual solitude. It’s the mingling we yearn for, so the Chinese phenomenon of Singles’ Day isn’t going to take off in the UK. Famously reserved as we are, in the midst of the “dating Apocalypse”, most Brits won’t be thrilled at receiving cards highlighting their inability to reproduce. Their parents already do that.Dating in the age of Tinder is already depressing. If we really need a holiday for singletons, bring us something constructive: National Speed-Dating Day, or Shotgun-Wedding Week.If some choose solitude, it means they don’t want company, especially not some company selling them rubbish. If they wanted that, they’d be married. City A.M.’s opinion pages are a place for thought-provoking views and debate. These views are not necessarily shared by City A.M. Today marks England’s first digital-only Black Friday. Can we expect the Chinese celebration of Singles’ Day to make it over to Britain?Abbie Llewelyn, a writer and commentator, says YES.If you think that Valentine’s Day is a commercialised hallmark holiday, just wait until UK companies catch onto Singles’ Day. Originating at Chinese universities in the 90s, Alibaba made it what it is today: a shopping frenzy surpassing even Black Friday in sales.last_img read more

Iran ready to release seized UK oil tanker

first_img Share Monday 23 September 2019 2:12 pm Relations have been strained in recent months, culminating last weekend when several drones attacked Saudi oil facilities, knocking out five per cent of global capacity. Prices shot up as much as 20 per cent on the news. The British tanker which was seized by Iran in July has cleared its legal hurdles and will soon be able to leave, a spokesperson for the Islamic Republic’s government said today. Read more: Boris Johnson blames Iran for drone attack on Saudi oil “The legal work and administrative procedures for the release of the English tanker have been completed but I have no information on the time of the release,” Ali Rabiei told Iran’s ILNA news agency. whatsapp Iran ready to release seized UK oil tanker Read more: US to send troops into Saudi Arabia following oil attackscenter_img The US and Saudi authorities have said that Iran is to blame for the attack, which it claims came from Houthi fighters in Yemen. This morning UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that it is most likely that Tehran was behind the attack. The seizure on 19 July came as retaliation against the UK after Royal Marines boarded an Iranian ship suspected of breaking European sanctions on Syria. Fars, another news agency, quoted the spokesperson as saying: “The legal work for the oil tanker is over … and the oil tanker can move, and the decisions indicate the end of the detention.” whatsapp August Graham Stena Impero has jumped through all the legal loops it needed ahead of its release, a spokesperson said. However he did not specify when the ship would be set free. Iran’s Grace 1 tanker was later released. It turned off its GPS tracker 20 days ago between Syria and Cyprus. A picture taken on July 21, 2019, shows the British-flagged tanker Stena Impero anchored off the Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas. – Iran warned Sunday that the fate of a UK-flagged tanker it seized in the Gulf depends on an investigation, as Britain said it was considering options in response to the standoff. Authorities impounded the Stena Impero with 23 crew members aboard off the port of Bandar Abbas after the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps seized it Friday in the highly sensitive Strait of Hormuz. (Photo by Hasan Shirvani / MIZAN NEWS AGENCY / AFP) (Photo credit should read HASAN SHIRVANI/AFP/Getty Images) last_img read more

General Election 2015 turnout: Parties hail record number of voters

first_imgSaturday 9 May 2015 10:15 am whatsapp General Election 2015 turnout: Parties hail record number of voters whatsapp Exit polls suggest record numbers of people voted in the General Election, as party leaders urged supporters to show their support in an attempt to swing the balance of power.Figures indicated there was a 66.1 per cent turnout in the election, according to the BBC. Right up to the final day of campaigning, polls indicated the vote would result in a hung parliament, causing  party leaders to sweep the nation in last-ditch attempts to rally any remaining votes. In the event however the conservatives won 331 seats, enough for a majority.In 2010 65.1 per cent of people voted, up from 61.4 per cent in 2005. These numbers had bounced back from a record low turnout in 2001, of 59.4 per cent – the lowest since the end of World War One. High turnout was predicted by many Twitter users as they tweeted about the queues they had experienced.Many ballot stations experienced higher demand people went to vote after work, with large queues forming in some constituencies. Those standing in the queue by 10.00pm should all be able to vote.A few minutes ago there was a long queue at the Viaduct Road #Brighton polling station (longer queue inside) pic.twitter.com/Gp0934QzJ9— Andy Winter (@AndyWinterBN1) May 7, 2015#IVoted I have walked past my polling station 3 times today each time a big queue and probably 50% under 25 yrs ? lets hope that’s national— Tim ? (@ApostateTim) May 7, 2015https://twitter.com/rorti33/status/596386564189609984/photo/1https://twitter.com/G7AGI/status/596391635887517696https://twitter.com/sylvpark/status/596386760306884609/photo/1https://twitter.com/Charlie_Keene/status/596402270293614592/photo/1[custom id=”1″] ashley.kirk center_img Share Show Comments ▼ Tags: General Election 2015last_img read more

Zika shadows a maternity ward in Colombia

first_img Related: [email protected] Related: Related: “Nerviosa,” Mandón said. Nervous. Related: A nurse talking about a pregnant woman diagnosed with Zika crossed herself. In the hospital’s maternity wing, some women dropped their voices when Zika came up.“It’s spreading so quickly here,” said Dr. Nadia Karina Arana, an epidemiologist at IPS Unipamplona, a clinic affiliated with a local medical school.Arana added, however, that more research needs to be done to tease apart what complications Zika can actually cause. Maybe microcephaly cases will arrive in Cúcuta, she said, but so far, none have.One expectant mother who was not worried was Paola Andrea Escalante, who on Thursday was the only pregnant woman admitted at Erasmo Meoz hospital with Zika.Paola Andrea Escalante, 17, who is infected by the Zika virus, eats lunch at a hospital in Cúcuta. Dania Maxwell for STATSeventeen years old and eight months pregnant, Escalante explained as she ate a lunch of soup, chicken, cabbage, and rice that she had barely heard of Zika before this week. She had gone to the hospital earlier in the week after a red rash that dotted her hands and stomach had spread all over her body. Doctors told her she had Zika. But they also told her her baby boy appeared healthy.“I feel normal,” Escalante said.Escalante — wearing a white dress marked with red anchors, each dotted with a heart —was sharing the hospital room with three other pregnant women, but only her bed had a mosquito net rigged up. It was not so much to protect her, but to prevent a mosquito from biting her and transmitting Zika to other patients, hospital officials said. She spent all day under the net, taking a quick reprieve to enjoy her lunch.Federal and local health officials here have sought to show they are taking the virus seriously after some residents and doctors said they were slow to react in the early months of the outbreak.In Cúcuta Friday, a dozen officials from the area’s hospitals and clinics that serve poor patients gathered to discuss their prevention and surveillance efforts. If microcephaly cases appear in town, they said, they would make sure patients had access to specialists.And in Washington this week, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and President Barack Obama announced the two countries would collaborate on Zika research. Global health officials say evidence increasingly suggests the Zika outbreak in Brazil is responsible for a surge in that country of babies born with abnormally small heads, a condition called microcephaly. The Zika virus has spread across almost all of Latin America.advertisement Everything you need to know about Zika virus General Assignment Reporter Andrew covers a range of topics, from addiction to public health to genetics. Tags childbirthinfectious diseaseZika Virus HealthZika shadows a maternity ward in Colombia About the Author Reprints Health officials are also investigating whether Zika can cause Guillain-Barré syndrome, a neurological condition that causes progressive — and generally, temporary — paralysis, but that can lead to death. Colombia typically sees 240 cases of GBS each year, but had 86 in just five weeks in December and January, according to the World Health Organization.On Friday, Colombian health officials said three people with GBS tied to Zika had died. They were awaiting test results from six other GBS deaths possibly stemming from Zika.The WHO has declared a global public health emergency associated with Zika.Here in Cúcuta, a city of more than 600,000 near the Venezuelan border, residents grew worried as the number of Zika cases started to rise in December. Cúcuta is the largest city in the state of Norte de Santander, which has seen more Zika cases than any other in Colombia.Colombian Vice Minister of Health Fernando Ruíz speaks at a press conference about the Zika virus. Dania Maxwell for STAT“What we have seen is that the speed [of transmission] is very fast in Colombia right now,” Fernando Ruiz, the vice minister of health in Colombia, told STAT. “The disease almost flies.”As residents here have learned, Zika does not pose a serious health threat in most cases. An estimated 80 percent of people who contract Zika show no symptoms, and most who do have just a few days of fever, joint pain, headaches, rash, or conjunctivitis. Past outbreaks of chikungunya and dengue fever — which, like Zika, are carried by Aedes mosquitos — made people sicker, residents said.Only after talking about Zika for several minutes did local priest Ruber Carrero López mention he had contracted it himself, shrugging it off like an American would dismiss last month’s head cold.But people do grow concerned when pregnant women or GBS are mentioned along with Zika. CUCUTA, Colombia — Sitting in the tiled waiting room of a hospital’s maternity wing here, Windy Gelvez Mandón passed the time making jokes. The other pregnant patients slumped in their seats, stretching their tummies skyward, but Mandón sat tall as clinicians in white, green, and navy blue scrubs pulsed through the wing.Her body language changed quickly, however, when the conversation turned to the latest mosquito-borne threat in this area, the Zika virus.Mandón, 21, had taken a taxi from her home an hour outside Cúcuta to E.S.E. Hospital Universitario Erasmo Meoz because she had been having headaches and joint pain, symptoms of the virus. She came not out of concern for her own health, but because she feared what the virus could do to her unborn baby. Her smile faded and her dark eyes lost their brightness as she talked of Zika.advertisement Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, echoed that point: “We’re not surprised not to see cases of microcephaly in other countries because of the time frame between infection and delivery,” he said Friday.Colombian health officials have identified more than 20,000 Zika cases, a figure experts said likely underestimated the true number because it only counted people who had gone to the doctor. Of those patients, more than 2,100 are pregnant women.Health officials anticipate Colombia could see 400 to 600 cases of microcephaly during the epidemic, which they project to last until August. Are you at risk of contracting Zika virus?Volume 90%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard ShortcutsEnabledDisabledPlay/PauseSPACEIncrease Volume↑Decrease Volume↓Seek Forward→Seek Backward←Captions On/OffcFullscreen/Exit FullscreenfMute/UnmutemSeek %0-9 facebook twitter Email Linkhttps://www.statnews.com/2016/02/06/zika-colombia-pregnant-women/?jwsource=clCopied EmbedCopiedLive00:0001:3301:33  Are you at risk for contracting Zika virus? Your level of risk depends in part on your living conditions. Alex Hogan/STAT Concern is so strong that the national health ministry has asked women to delay pregnancies. That’s a challenge in a country where access to sex education and contraception are uneven at best, and abortion is prohibited in most cases. Windy Gelvez Mandón (center), 21, waits to be checked at the Hospital Universitario Erasmo Meoz in Cúcuta, Colombia. Dania Maxwell for STAT What you should know about the birth defect tied to Zika virus By Andrew Joseph Feb. 6, 2016 Reprints The dilemma of Zika: Pregnancy warnings rise in a region lacking contraception Despite the stepped-up response, officials here don’t want to cause alarm, they say, so they speak about microcephaly as a possibility — an if, not a when.Indeed, scientists have not shown a causal relationship between the virus and the birth defect. And hundreds of cases originally reported as Zika-associated microcephaly in Brazil have been found not be related to Zika — or not to be actual cases of microcephaly.Shirley Dayana Rivera was infected with the Zika virus a month ago. Doctors say her baby was unaffected. Dania Maxwell for STATBut officials at the WHO and the CDC say they strongly suspect the virus can cause microcephaly in a developing fetus. Dr. Lyle Petersen, director of the CDC’s division of vector-borne diseases, told STAT this week that the evidence is “quite strong at this point.”Back in the hospital’s maternity wing, Shirley Dayana Rivera was getting her blood pressure measured. Rivera, 17, had come to the hospital Thursday because it was her due date, but she wasn’t yet in labor.In December, Rivera had a fever and headaches, and an itchy rash broke out over her stomach. She was diagnosed with Zika and recovered. She said doctors told her that her baby girl, whom she planned to name Sara, seemed unaffected.So her trepidation this week was not specifically about the virus, but just the anxiety that comes with impending motherhood.“I just understand that there’s always a little fear,” she said, “but I’m hoping for the best.”Helen Branswell contributed reporting. The world needs a Zika vaccine. Getting one will take years “The speed [of transmission] is very fast in Colombia right now. The disease almost flies.” But so far, no microcephaly cases in this current outbreak have been tied to a Zika infection that was contracted anywhere outside Brazil. (A Zika outbreak may have been behind an increase in microcephaly cases in French Polynesia in 2013 and 2014.)The lack of microcephaly outside Brazil may indicate that scientists have been mistaken; maybe the virus doesn’t in fact cause the birth defect. Or maybe there are unknown factors specific to Brazil.Or maybe it’s just a matter of time.Some infectious disease experts believe cases of the birth defect could soon start to appear along the path of Zika’s spread. And except for Brazil, no country has seen as many Zika cases as Colombia.“Perhaps Zika just hasn’t been in Colombia long enough at this point,” said Matthew Aliota, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine who helped detect Zika in Colombia. Andrew Joseph @DrewQJoseph Fernando Ruiz, Colombian vice minister of health last_img read more

FDA approves the first generic version of EpiPen

first_img FDA approves the first generic version of EpiPen Log In | Learn More Unlock this article by subscribing to STAT+ and enjoy your first 30 days free! GET STARTED WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration approved the first-ever generic version of EpiPen Thursday — a move the agency says could help lower costs for the drug, which can carry a price tag of more than $600.It isn’t clear how much the new version, which will be sold by Teva, will cost. But it may be a lower-cost option for individuals with allergies, who need to keep this lifesaving medicine with them at all times. Right now, a two-pack of EpiPen, marketed by Mylan, currently lists for $608.61. Mylan also makes its own “authorized generic” version, which it sells for $300 per pair. GET STARTED What is it? Politics Daily reporting and analysis The most comprehensive industry coverage from a powerhouse team of reporters Subscriber-only newsletters Daily newsletters to brief you on the most important industry news of the day STAT+ Conversations Weekly opportunities to engage with our reporters and leading industry experts in live video conversations Exclusive industry events Premium access to subscriber-only networking events around the country The best reporters in the industry The most trusted and well-connected newsroom in the health care industry And much more Exclusive interviews with industry leaders, profiles, and premium tools, like our CRISPR Trackr. STAT+ is STAT’s premium subscription service for in-depth biotech, pharma, policy, and life science coverage and analysis. Our award-winning team covers news on Wall Street, policy developments in Washington, early science breakthroughs and clinical trial results, and health care disruption in Silicon Valley and beyond. What’s included? Tags pharmaceuticals Jon Elswick/AP By Ike Swetlitz Aug. 16, 2018 Reprintslast_img read more

Canadian lawmaker caught naked during virtual meeting

first_imgWoman wins $60 million lottery using winning numbers from her husband’s dream January 26, 2021 AdvertisementAmos was visible only to Parliament members and staffers on an internal video conference feed. Because he was not speaking, his image did not show up on the public feed.Liberal Party colleague Mark Holland said Amos was “utterly mortified.” Holland said he was satisfied with the explanation from his colleague.“I don’t think there was any ill intent. It’s certainly an unfortunate circumstance,″ Holland said. Advertisement AdvertisementRecommended ArticlesBrie Larson Reportedly Replacing Robert Downey Jr. As The Face Of The MCURead more81 commentsGal Gadot Reportedly Being Recast As Wonder Woman For The FlashRead more29 comments OTTAWA, Ontario / AP — A Canadian Parliament member was caught undressing during a video conference on Wednesday.William Amos, who has represented the Quebec district of Pontiac since 2015, appeared on the screens of his fellow lawmakers completely naked. The pandemic has forced Canadian lawmakers to participate in virtual sessions.A screenshot obtained by The Canadian Press shows Amos standing behind a desk between the Quebec and Canadian flags, his private parts hidden by what appears to be a cell phone in one hand.“This was an unfortunate error,″ Amos said in a statement. “My video was accidentally turned on as I was changing into my work clothes after going for a jog. I sincerely apologize to my colleagues in the House of Commons for this unintentional distraction. Obviously, it was an honest mistake and it won’t happen again.” AdvertisementTags: Canadavirtual AdvertisementDC Young Fly knocks out heckler (video) – Rolling OutRead more6 comments’Mortal Kombat’ Exceeded Expectations Says WarnerMedia ExecutiveRead more2 commentsDo You Remember Bob’s Big Boy?Read more1 commentsKISS Front Man Paul Stanley Reveals This Is The End Of KISS As A Touring Band, For RealRead more1 commentscenter_img Advertisement Person wearing medieval clothing arrested for attacking seven people with sword November 2, 2020 Two airline passengers fined $17,000 for faking negative COVID tests February 19, 2021 Some turn to Canada for cheaper prescriptions May 6, 2021 RELATEDTOPICSlast_img read more

La censure s’en prend aux téléphones

first_imgNews There are signs that North Korea is running into serious difficulties with its corn harvest News AvatarDaily NKQuestions or comments about this article? Contact us at [email protected] SHARE News Les autorités nord-coréennes agissent depuispeu afin de contrer la diffusion de la Hallyu (nouvelle vague sud-coréenne) partéléphone portable. Elles ont renforcé le contrôle pour stopper la classe dejeunes qui s’échangent des films, des séries et de la musique sud-coréenne parcarte SD ou bluetooth.Le 17 mai, une source de Daily NK de laprovince du Hamgyung du Nord a transmis : « Récemment, le contrôle s’estconcentré sur les jeunes qui ont des téléphones portables. Ils écoutent deschansons « illégales » en cachette, avec leurs écouteurs. Lesautorités les prennent par surprise et fouillent dans leur téléphone ».« Ils n’écoutent pas que de lamusique, mais aussi des séries et des films sud-coréens, ce qui crée de grosproblèmes. Du coup, la diffusion par téléphones portables des sériessud-coréennes a récemment rapidement diminué » a expliqué la source.Selon la source, les jeunes Nord Coréensn’utilisent plus comme avant des clées USB pour s’échanger des films et desséries sud-coréennes, mais se les échanges directement via leurs téléphones.Ils les sélectionnent, les enregistrent etles partagent avec la fonction Bluetooth, ou avec de petites cartes SD de lataille d’un ongle.La source a transmis : « Les jeunes s’échangeaiententre amis des chansons par bluetooth et des films et séries par clés USB, maismaintenant des hommes du Parti arrivent, leur arrachent le téléphone des mainsou fouillent dans leur poche ». Une autre cible du contrôle est ceux quiachètent en cachette des clés USB (contenant des séries ou des musiquessud-coréennes) au marché.La source a expliqué : « Devantla possibilité de graves répressions, les jeunes prennent peur et disent qu’ilfaut arrêter de regarder des productions sud-coréennes pendant un moment. Deplus, on ne trouve plus non plus au marché les quelques vêtements sud-coréensque l’on trouvait autrefois ».Cependant, malgré ce contrôle crucial, lesenfants des cadres du Parti ne s’empêchent pas, eux, de regarder des films etséries sud-coréens librement, d’après la source.Elle a ajouté : « S’il se faitattraper, le peuple qui n’a pas de pouvoir est fortement réprimé, ce qui n’estpas le cas des cadres du Parti qui sont privilégiés. Il y en a tout de même eu quelques-uns qui ont été réprimés pour montrer un exemple à un courtmoment. Depuis, les familles de cadres du Parti aussi profitent ».La source a transmis que les habitantspensent que le contrôle s’assouplira dans peu de temps. « Si l’on attenden supportant patiemment, à un moment tout redeviendra comme avant et nouspourrons réécouter des musiques du Sud sans problème ». Entire border patrol unit in North Hamgyong Province placed into quarantine following “paratyphoid” outbreak center_img News North Korea tries to accelerate building of walls and fences along border with China By Daily NK – 2015.05.20 4:48pm La censure s’en prend aux téléphones RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Liberals to proceed with income tax pledge

first_img Share this article and your comments with peers on social media Related news Andy Blatchford Finance Minister Bill Morneau conceded Monday that an array of new tax adjustments will have an annual net drain on the federal treasury of about $1.2 billion in each of the next five years, starting in 2016-17. The headliner of the new measures is the one to lower the income-tax rate to 20.5%, from 22%, on Canadians earning between $45,282 and $90,563 per year. To help offset that change, the Liberals have added a 33% tax rate on income earned by Canadians in the top one per cent — those who make more than $200,000 per year. Previously, the 29% tax bracket, which applies to incomes between $140,388 and $200,000, was the highest tax rate in the country. In their election platform, the Liberals estimated the tax increase on the top earners would only fall short of covering the full cost of the tax cut by less than $100 million per year. But the numbers were adjusted after an evaluation by the Finance Department found the projected revenues of the Liberal promise were off the mark. The net cost of the changes is $1.4 billion in 2016-17, a shortfall that’s projected to rise each year until it hits $1.7 billion in 2020-21. “It will cost a little more for the government,” Morneau said of a plan that will take effect Jan. 1 and is aimed at injecting some life into the ailing economy. The tax-bracket changes were a central pledge in the election platform that helped propel the Liberals to victory in October. Those campaign vows also included another tax modification: cancelling the Conservative move to increase limits on tax-free savings accounts to $10,000 from $5,500. However, the ceilings on the popular accounts will be indexed to inflation. Morneau said more of the promised Liberal changes will be introduced in the new year, including its child-benefit plan and a move to repeal the Tories’ income-splitting plan for families with kids. “It’s important to look at our entire plan,” Morneau said. “We have taken this very first step.” Some experts had warned the Liberal tax-bracket changes were likely to cost public coffers more than the government had expected. A recent study by the C.D. Howe Institute think tank predicted the changes would encourage big earners to make more of an effort to avoid taxes, while the rate reduction itself would cost government finances more than expected. Others argue the measures provide more benefit to richer Canadians. Those making more than $90,563 are taxed at three different rates: one rate on the first segment of income up to $45,282, the second, newly reduced rate on the next segment of income, up to $90,563; and a third rate beyond that, up to $200,000. Therefore, people earning $90,563 and higher will receive the largest possible benefit of $679. But once they hit the $217,000 mark, the squeeze of the new, highest tax rate erases the benefit entirely. About 319,000 Canadians will reach the upper tax echelon. New Democrat MP Guy Caron criticized the plan for doing nothing for people earning less than $45,000. He also said he wasn’t surprised when the calculations in the Liberal platform failed to add up. “This is the problem when you are overpromising during the campaign,” said Caron, the NDP’s finance critic. “There’s a real risk that reality will catch up to you.” Last week, Morneau backed away from another Liberal campaign vow: keeping Ottawa’s annual budgetary shortfalls under $10 billion in 2016-17 and 2017-18. Combined with the sting of the struggling economy, the new Liberal government is facing increasing pressure to meet its election vows to cap annual deficits at $10 billion over the next two years and to balance the federal books in the fourth year of its mandate. Morneau has said the Liberals are facing a slower economy and a worse-than-expected fiscal environment handed over from the former Conservative government. Last month, Morneau announced a $3-billion deficit forecast for the current fiscal year. In April, the Tories projected a $2.4-billion surplus for 2015-16 — including the $1 billion set aside for contingencies. The proposed changes to the tax brackets will help boost the economy, the Liberals say. He said the government would focus on its pledges to invest in infrastructure, lower the federal debt-to-GDP ratio and balance the books before the next election, but dodged when asked directly about he party’s promise to keep annual shortfalls under the $10-billion ceiling. The Liberal government is making good on its election vow to cut federal income taxes for middle earners by raising the rate on the richest Canadians. However, it now acknowledges the tax tweaks, introduced in a motion Monday in Parliament, won’t be revenue-neutral. Deficit could hit $400B, according to fall economic statement Tax time might look a little different this year for Covid benefit recipients Keywords Income taxes Ottawa urged to ban CEO bonuses for companies that received wage subsidy Facebook LinkedIn Twitterlast_img read more

St. Thomas Residents to Renovate Easington Park

first_imgFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail Residents of Easington, St. Thomas will participate in a clean-up and beautification exercise of Easington Park during youth and community month, which will be observed in November.The clean-up will be spearheaded by the Social Development Commission (SDC) and members of the Yallahs Development Area Committee.Community Development Officer at the SDC in St. Thomas, Latoya Mullings, told JIS News that the decision to renovate the park had come from the residents.“Based on their level of volunteerism, their willingness to have the park renovated, we thought that the venture should be selected as a community month project, especially for the benefit of the children of Easington,” she said.Miss Mullings said that residents have begun to seek sponsorship for the project.“They’ve gotten materials from persons in the community and they’re really participating fully to get the park renovated,” she added.Easington, once the capital of St. David, a former parish in the east of the island, merged with the parishes of Port Royal and St. Thomas in the East to form present day St. Thomas, and therefore holds special historical significance.Miss Mullings informed that Easington Park became prominent when, on his legendary ‘journey’ to Spanish Town from Stony Gut in August 1856, National Hero, Paul Bogle, rested there. A monument was erected at the park to commemorate this fact. Paul Bogle became a National Hero based on his political activism on behalf of the people of St. Thomas against an unjust British system of governance during the period following the abolition of slavery in the late 1860’s. RelatedSt. Thomas Residents to Renovate Easington Park RelatedSt. Thomas Residents to Renovate Easington Park RelatedSt. Thomas Residents to Renovate Easington Parkcenter_img St. Thomas Residents to Renovate Easington Park UncategorizedOctober 19, 2006 Advertisementslast_img read more

Squatting is Bad for Investment – PM Golding at MoBay Town Hall Meeting

first_imgFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail Prime Minster the Hon. Bruce Golding has repeated his warning that people should not capture land, breach planning guidelines and believe that Government will support them.His remarks were made at the Town Hall Meeting held recently in Montego Bay, when he was responding to a plea from craft vendors in Lilliput, St. James, who had asked for help to develop captured land located beside the Iberostar Hotel.“The Government has a duty to work with you (craft vendors) to find some land where craft operators can be located…We cannot defend and support the breaking of the law as it would send a bad signal to investors,” Mr. Golding said.The Prime Minister said it was important to identify land for the relocation of persons who were on land without permission, and to find a way to give them legal tenure. However, the Government had to encourage the rule of law, he said. Advertisements RelatedSquatting is Bad for Investment – PM Golding at MoBay Town Hall Meeting RelatedSquatting is Bad for Investment – PM Golding at MoBay Town Hall Meetingcenter_img RelatedSquatting is Bad for Investment – PM Golding at MoBay Town Hall Meeting Squatting is Bad for Investment – PM Golding at MoBay Town Hall Meeting Office of the Prime MinisterJuly 3, 2009last_img read more